James Barnes

Catching rays

Research suggests individuals soak up sun light in order to attain numerous health benefits. A prime reason for this is the    ... more

A mysterious creation

According to new research at the University of Tokyo a fundamental change to the understanding of the Milky Way may be    ... more

A well earned boost

How exercise improves the overall health of an individual has been proven. The focus has been on the biological changes occurring    ... more

In a trance

A new study has illuminated the practice of hypnosis showing where in the brain it has effects and explaining why certain    ... more

A thing of the past

A new study has found new inhibitor drugs prevent immature HIV cells from developing into mature HIV cells. This may represent    ... more

A heavenly getaway

With accumulating evidence, the practice of meditation may be proven as a treatment for many health ailments. It is still to    ... more

Relieving a resolute condition

A new drug Ixekizumab has been shown to cure psoriasis in some individuals, the drug works by influencing a pathway involved    ... more

An inbuilt GPS

An inbuilt GPS possessed by animals and birds; allows them to navigate long distances by sensing the Earth’s magnetic field. Recently    ... more

Shape shifting enzymes

New research suggests an anti-HIV drug may treat Alzheimer’s by influencing the action of particular enzymes involved in cholesterol clearance. Researchers    ... more

Living in harmony

Phonak aims to release a new hearing aid using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and employing more advanced sound analysing software generating clearer    ... more

An out of body experience

A new machine has been designed by Xvivo perfusion which preserves lungs awaiting transplant for prolonged periods than traditional techniques. The    ... more

An injection of life

The benefit of a diverse diet may be explained by the variety of bacteria species an individual possesses. The diversity of    ... more

The power of bacteria

New research has demonstrated how gut bacteria may reverse autism related behaviour in mice. It is believed a single type of    ... more

The rainforests of the sea

A global study has identified 15 areas worldwide which have the potential to guide the conservation of coral reefs. Optimism abounds    ... more

The code of life

Over centuries scientists have realised the power of mathematics to uncover invisible worlds previously unavailable to mankind. Advancements of these methods    ... more

A microcosm of climate

New insights into why the Antarctic has evaded the warming seen in the Arctic have been discovered. Currents which cross the    ... more

Innovative scientific revolutions

The nature of scientific revolutions and how science may become like a religion has been elucidated. Independent thinkers may be essential    ... more

Le rendez-vous

The European Championships start this weekend; which teams have a chance in the tournament? The favourites going into the tournament are    ... more

An ice age store

A vast carbon dioxide reservoir existing for thousands of years has been discovered in the South Pacific. Using sediment cores, scientists    ... more

Aurora borealis

Evidence on how Earth may be connected to the magnet and electrical energies of the Sun may have been verified by    ... more

An unconscious remedy

The anaesthetic isoflurane has been shown to improve mental health conditions and to be more effective than traditional medication and Electroconvulsive    ... more

Awakening the dragon

Jurgen Klopp a manager with a proven history of turning around the fortunes of a club, may be about to bring    ... more

The £230 million prize

The race for Premier league promotion may be intensifying with the play-offs approaching. One team from a possible four has the    ... more

A climate revolution

Solar physicists have demonstrated how the Earth may enter a significant cooling period over the next few decades, refuting the global    ... more

A fair pay for fair play

The recent debate for equal pay for female tennis players, has been discussed in the media and by many professional players.    ... more

Corrective nourishment

A new study into the effects of fructose show alterations to many genes and omega 3 fatty acids may reverse this.    ... more

Entering the fourth dimension

A new Deep Space atomic clock developed by NASA may clarify whether time travel is possible. Set to be used for    ... more

On the comeback trail

Aston Villa were relegated over the weekend yet this may be an opportunity to build an honorable work ethic and elevate    ... more

The Spanish inquisition

Gary Neville’s departure from Valencia may be seen as a constructive and valuable experience for the young manager. Neville may now    ... more

Nature’s data storage

New research demonstrates how DNA may be used to store digital data, potentially solving the digital data growth presently seen. The    ... more

Touring the country

Tom Ingram a up and coming driver won the first race of the British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch this    ... more

A valuable acquisition

A new study shows how the contraction of chickenpox is associated with a reduced chance of brain cancer.  It is believed    ... more

Ride the wave

Climate change and El Niño may be creating inspiring experiences for sports enthusiasts. An El Niño event takes place when stored    ... more

A progressive understanding

New breakthroughs in diabetes may aid in preventing and potentially curing the condition. New trials and insights may provide the answer. Diabetes    ... more

Bringing the fire to the city of winds

On the eve of a new season, a circuit has been added to the Formula 1 calendar which may attract the    ... more

Farming marine energy

New technology to harvest the oceans’ energy has been developed by WITT technology, converting ocean motion into energy. Proclaimed by the    ... more

A capricious young prodigy

Marcus Rashford, an eighteen-year-old starlet at Manchester United, may have taken an opportunity to showcase some characteristic giftedness. Other promising youngsters    ... more

Political persuasion

New research on political language elucidates the particular language patterns used by politicians with conservative and liberal philosophies. The reasons for    ... more

Minnow versus the giant

The FA cup may be a unique tournament where minnows may conquer giants, enthrals fans worldwide. The history of the FA    ... more

Artistic license

Scholars studying linguistics may have uncovered why William Shakespeare was instrumental in the development of the English language. Responsible for a    ... more

The power of crowds

New research verifies the power of crowds and the circumstances when this influence may occur. How social influence affects refereeing decisions    ... more

Realising uncharted potential

The recent success of Leicester City Football Club may be delighting football fans, with entertaining and admirable performances. The team’s results    ... more

The age of plastic

The Seabin project has developed a device to reduce the pollution in the oceans, ranging from plastics to oils, it may    ... more

The evolution of apps

The usage of apps might be a promising development of the world economy, with vast profits being made from the creativity    ... more

Predicting the success

Research in sports science may have identified the factors necessary for sporting success, particularly in tennis. Understanding the anticipation ability of    ... more

Observing the unobservable

The initiation of cancer cells has been observed for the first time, together with the rebirth of certain cell states only    ... more

Inherited by the genes

New research into plant grafting has shown how genetic information may be transferred from a donor plant to the host. There    ... more

Expanding human memory

New research suggests the brain is capable of storing ten times more data than previously believed, data demonstrates this may be    ... more

The penny drops

New research into the transparency and reproducibility of biomedical research, suggests ways to improve the quality of these studies and how    ... more

Makhaira rossica

A new pliosaur; Makhaira rossica has been discovered in western Russia with unique teeth similar to an ancient crocodile, the species    ... more