Nancy Steidl

For the love of pigs

Growing up Natasha Dominetto was surrounded by the love of pets. She knew she wanted to work with animals. Having trained for    ... more

Life through a lens

Seeing the world through a lens

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Jakub Gojda is a self-taught photographer who gained photography knowledge via internet, books and workshops. When    ... more

Paying it forward

Raised in Germany, as one of his parents was in the Army, moving from school to school in the Army was    ... more

A man of vision

Tahir Khan is a man of vision. Having studied business management (HONS) at Kingston University he was keen to become the    ... more

Combining science and alternative thinking

Married young and began a stint as a full-time wife and mother, Marian Matthews began evening classes and gained “A” level    ... more

Teaming up to improve lives

Raised in Stoke Newington, Marcus Grodentz went to a local comprehensive school. He had always wanted to be a journalist, and    ... more

When Dylan met Poppy

Dylan Watkins has come far since his first business when he was eleven designing mini models out of clay and selling    ... more

Changing from the inside out

April Start has learned over the years; success is far from the key to happiness; happiness IS the key to success.    ... more

Helping start a new life

As a young child, Rakhee Shah had an interest in hair and beauty. However, coming from a specific cultural background, it    ... more

Impacting lives

Born and raised in Belgium, as a child, Anne Iarchy enjoyed most sports and had a healthy diet at home. After    ... more

A life of vitality

Gill Barham grew up in a small English village, south of Exeter in Devon in the 1960s. Her first passion in    ... more

Listening to children

Originally from Denmark, Mette Theilmann is an experienced and qualified life coach with a specialism in Parenting Coaching. She started her    ... more

Taking responsibility for one’s health

When Hannah Charman was young she loved school and had a real passion for learning. She had many hobbies which kept    ... more

Livin’ the multipotentialite life

Born and raised on the small island of Curacao, a beautiful and sunny island in the southern Caribbean, Nicole Woodriffe dreamt    ... more

Turning challenges into opportunities

Becky Booth seems to have endured many challenges in life, however, she has taken these challenges and turned them into greater    ... more

Awakening personal potential

Linda Witchell's personal development started at college at the age of 16 and when she became a Cadet Nurse. She started    ... more

Developing others through life

Helping people develop has become Carol Brook's passion.Throughout the duration of Carol Brook's life, she gained many different career paths. As    ... more

Striving for the best

Emma Conway-Hyde made a decision and went forward with it. On the 8th May 2016, she left her job and became    ... more

A cure for healthy living

Kim Jones's belief is “what we eat changes everything and health is the most natural state of our body at any    ... more

Sculpting her way through life

It was Helen Hannah’s interest in life-casting 13 years ago, which pulled her into the passion she is doing today. First,    ... more

Generating a greater awareness

Living in a home of addiction may be complex and the family members at times might often get overlooked. With limited    ... more

A woman on a mission

At 26, Robyn Dora Sarah Fryer seems to be a woman on a mission aiming to support others lifestyle as much    ... more

The power of the mind

A small, yet powerful moment of Duncan Price’s childhood became an important part of who he is which lead to the    ... more

Driving ambition

Ed Hollands is much more than your average 23-year old. It was in primary school, which the seeds of entrepreneurship were    ... more

The great storyteller

Video production is about great storytelling. Creative Director Rob Finlay was born into a filmmaking family in the 1980s. Rob’s family    ... more