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An outside idea

It's the season of summer and there may be an abundance of fruit and vegetables which may be mouth watering right    ... more

A spiced up metabolism

Brought into European culture thanks to the Romans many centuries ago, ginger may have the possibility to be found everywhere in many    ... more

The productive addict

Rehabs and recovery centres aim to glow with productivity and strength. Individuals may be able to challenge themselves to reach new    ... more

A virtual hug

With the up rise of social media, individuals may be able to communicate with people across the world in seconds rather    ... more

Back to the Roses

Manchester band The Stone Roses has returned in the limelight with a new song which premiered on the radio last Thursday    ... more

Before Frank

Southgate born singer songwriter Amy Winehouse first appeared in the limelight in 2003 with the release of jazz influenced album entitled    ... more

Returning the music

Florida born singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince form a duo called The Kills and have returned with new    ... more

Back from the shadow

The Last Shadow Puppets are returning from the shadow with a second album which is out now. The LP is called    ... more

Return of the Lashes

‘Bat for Lashes’ are a Brighton based band consisting of British multi-instrumentalist, artist, singer, songwriter Natasha Khan born of an English    ... more

Rolling in the celebrations

British Rock ’n’ Roll band The Rolling Stones still consist to this day of their 4 members:  Sir Mick Jagger for    ... more

An Oasis of music

Formed in Manchester, North West England in 1991 British rock band Oasis consisting of brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher have been    ... more

A fashionable legacy

Croydon born British supermodel Kate Moss has parted ways with the agency which made her recognised and gained the supermodel status    ... more

Reliving the past in photographs

A Smiths exhibition aims at opening on the 9th of April in the Lowry Arts Centre at the Salford Quays, North    ... more

The future of Brixton mural

Painted in 2013 by Australian artist Jimmy C, the David Bowie mural located in Tunstall Place in the area of Brixton    ... more

Blast from the past

The 5 piece band from Abingdon,Oxfordshire has announced they aim to returning in the music with a series of shows which    ... more

Hello…it’s Glastonbury!

Taking place on Wednesday the 22nd of June until Sunday 26th, Glastonbury has announced last week London born singer Adele was    ... more

The Future of Fashion

British TV presenter and model Alexa Chung has teamed up with what may be described as ‘Fashion Bible’ British Vogue for    ... more

Returning the music

New York based band The Strokes are currently back in the studio and are set to release a new single. Since ‘Modern    ... more

Synthesis of art and nature

Using the work of Monet as a starting point, this exhibition, advertised as being landmark, aims to examine the role gardens played    ... more

Beyond beauty

The latest exhibition at the Two Temple Place is called Beyond Beauty and it aims to present the life of ancient    ... more

The art of consciousness

In his legal writings, Cicero often refers to a concept which he calls conscientia and which in a juridical sense means    ... more

The digitalisation of a nation

According to the social sciences, there are two main historically determined definitions of a nation – the French and the German    ... more

A changing approach

A change in the education system announced by David Cameron aims to modify the curriculum, modifying Sex Education studies as a “compulsory”    ... more

Messages of empowerment

The Superbowl’s performance by artist Beyonce may have made one of the most musically political stands, with newly released single “Formation”.    ... more

Going solo

Former One Direction band member Zayn Malik may have proven his success as a solo artist having newly released single ‘‘Pillow    ... more

A change of parenting

UK government schemes have been proposed in order to change the processes in which women on trial with newborn children are    ... more

Negotiating peace

The Geneva peace talks set to take place in bid to achieve political resolution in Syria, may have arisen at a    ... more

Unlikely stories

The Sky Arts channels screening of one-off TV show “Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon,” centres around a road trip which Jackson and    ... more

Responding as a nation

Britain plans to welcome 3,000 children from refugee resettlements, the international development committee shared, in a report which calls more to    ... more

Representing equality

The 2016 Oscars, which may be considered the height of celebration for the artistic endeavour within the filmmaking community, recently revealed    ... more

A sensory experience

The newly released 2016 film ‘The Revenant’ may be considered one of few cinematic creations so fully committed, to the notion    ... more

Defining an era

On the 10th of January 2016, two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 2016 album ‘Blackstar’, the    ... more

Artist stands tall

It has emerged song artist Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is to divorce her French husband after 18 months of marriage, revealing what may    ... more

Understanding motherhood

Lenny Abrahamson, an Irish independent filmmaker, explores in the newly released film ‘Room’ a humanistic portrayal of the real life story    ... more

A reimagined world

BBC1’s new twenty-part series, created and co-written by Tony Jordan, may seek to revive some of the most iconic literary characters    ... more

Reinventing literary classics for children

The talents of Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg are set to unite this 2016, bringing Dahl’s beloved children's literature    ... more

Uniting the nation

The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS choir have successfully surpassed artists such as Justin Bieber in securing the UK’s Official Christmas No.1    ... more

A finale of possibility

British period drama ‘Downton Abbey’ may have succeeded in captivating the nation since 2010, as well as succeeding with nominations in    ... more

A musical reborn

‘The Sound of Music’ has seemed to enchant the hearts and imaginations of millions for more than 50 years, therefore, its    ... more

A comedic shift

The Entertainment industry may have seen an evolution of leading females in comedy, introducing a generation of comedians who act, perform    ... more

Upstart Shakespeare

BBC Two has recently confirmed the commission of a new six-part series ‘Upstart Crow’ based on the life of William Shakespeare. The    ... more

The podcast phenomenon

This year may be considered one of the most popular years for podcasts, marking an era of a reformed identity for    ... more

The revival of the classic

New spin off film ‘Victor Frankenstein’ has been newly released as a modern adaption of Mary Shelley’s classic novel ‘Frankenstein’. It    ... more

Recovery with art

The veteran project named ‘Theatre of War’ has recently been set up alongside Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs as a rehabilitation    ... more

Victorian investigations

The name Sherlock Holmes might have become something of a household name in recent years. Since the publication of “A Study    ... more

Changing the future

Back to the Future is a trilogy of movies, the first released in 1985, which many experts might now consider classics    ... more

Unconventional community

London aims to commence on this year’s weekend of comic excitemet with the return of the three day event from 23rd-25th    ... more

Rehabilitating life’s challenges

Lamar Odom, an internationally known individual for his achievements as a basketball player and from the reality television show he starred    ... more

Discovering genie

Disney continues to evolve with the re-release of 1992’s animated classic “Aladdin” on blu-ray which features the passed Robin Williams ‘Genie’    ... more

Gender changing soap

EastEnders aims to evolve the soap industry as it announces the supposed next step for character gender types by welcoming trans-gender actor    ... more