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Coronavirus connecting communities together

Coronavirus is bringing communities together – with a quarter of adults saying it has seen them talk to neighbours they previously    ... more

The business mission

“New UK Company launches to help young entrepreneurs and existing business owners grow healthy businesses.” Entrepreneur, Nancy Steidl, announced the launch of    ... more

Win a WAKIKI.CO.UK dinner party!

How about winning a dinner party for 8 people in the comfort of one’s own home? Yes, indeed! WAKIKI.CO.UK is offering the    ... more

Living the dream

Building and running a business may take much dedication, drive and focus however with hard work anything may be achievable. Sisters,    ... more

Sizzling flavors of the Afro-Caribbean

They are indeed all about proper soul food. Brothers of West African descent and the founders of WAKIKI, Fuad and Timi    ... more

EveryBODY is a yoga body

Donna Noble is a woman on a mission to change the face of yoga. As the founder of CurveSomeYoga, her true    ... more

Cracking cases which matter

25-year-old Charlotte Thornber aims to be a motivated, focused and keen individual driven and dedicated to 'crack cases' and search for    ... more

The mindful future generation

As a children’s yoga instructor, Mini Me Yoga founder Kate Bartram-Brown knew the children in her weekly classes were experiencing the    ... more

Valuing the act of Christmas

International self-help author Anne Jones, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve and she recalls several past birthdays when after baking yule log,    ... more

Frogurt success

Young entrepreneur Shanelle Guillemette is cycling around aiming to cool down the world – in a unique way. Born and bred    ... more

A flourishing stem of treatment

Human embryonic stem cell (hESC) treatment is believed by many scientists to be at the forefront of medical advancement. hESCs may    ... more

Lending a helping hand

Researchers are developing prosthetic limb technology, allowing amputees to more effectively interact with the world around them.  By integrating biology with    ... more

Acknowledging advancing achievement

Since 1901 the Nobel Prize has recognised individuals for their contribution to scientific and cultural advances. Established by Swedish inventor Alfred    ... more

Transplanting success into medical confidence

The science community celebrated a medical first last month when a child was born using a transplanted womb. A 36 year    ... more

Flower powering a community

A recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) claimed that solar energy may account for the world’s largest source of    ... more

A mission of morale boosting

The scientific spotlight moved to India when their Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) reached the planet’s orbit last week. The successful insertion    ... more

Creating the sense of bonding

Human communication often encompasses a mixture of senses. People connect with one and other through a combination of sight, sound, smell,    ... more

Proactive protection from above

Taking effective action to address environmental issues may produce productive, measurable results. This appears to be the case for the restoration    ... more

Building on innovative foundations

The list of applications for 3D printing continues to expand as engineers develop this flexible technology. As the industry grows, so    ... more

A hive of sweet discovery

The honeybee brings colour and diversity to the landscape, as it pollinates flowers and delivers food to the rest of its    ... more

Fresh perspective on hand

Challenging the body and mind with new perspectives on health - this is the concept driving one of the latest health    ... more

Blue bounce back

Measuring lengths of up to 33 metres and weighing 190 tonnes, the blue whale is the largest animal on earth; and    ... more

Confidence in a healthier alternative

Electronic cigarettes (e- cigarettes) are aiming to help a large number of individuals around the world improve their health by changing    ... more

Tongue in cheek

An organ that has been likened to an octopus’ tentacle, the complexity of the human tongue allows it to perform fast,    ... more

Challenges from the universe

The intriguing world of quantum physics is vastly different to the one humans may perceive on a day to day basis.    ... more

Looking in to virtual health

Virtual reality (VR) is taking a confident leap from a familiar science fiction concept to general public gadget, when the Oculus    ... more

Hooked on the albatross

The albatross is an iconic seabird, motivating artists and poets alike. Coleridge used the bird as a powerful symbol in the    ... more

An extraordinary spectacle

The Google Impact Challenge, designed to help fund the most innovative technology, came to its conclusion last month when four winners    ... more

The black and white of conservation

Edinburgh Zoo announced earlier this month that Tian Tian, their prized giant panda, was likely to give birth at the end    ... more

Unearthing a pivotal journey

Piecing together the story of human evolution gives scientists a glimpse into human ancestry and their evolutionary and physical journey to    ... more

A city of bright ideas

Creating a more sustainable world means taking many small, yet vital steps. Street lighting is an important piece of technology, which    ... more

Man’s new best friend

In ‘Her’, a film released earlier this year, the main protagonist falls in love with an operating system, so advanced that    ... more

Power to the people

The individual is just as important as the collective when it comes to preserving our current climate and environment. A recent    ... more

Under alien ice

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? This is a question which has inspired generations of imaginations as they gaze into    ... more

Buzzing with innovation

Genetic engineering, when planned and executed correctly, has huge potential to help improve conditions on a global scale. This may be    ... more

Conserving a key British species

A distinct, beautiful insect, the butterfly is a clear sign the British summer has arrived. Bringing a stunning elegance to the    ... more

A greener source for technology

Millions of individuals across the world work at refuse sites in developing countries. Carefully collecting recyclable materials, such as plastics and    ... more

Keep your eyes on the “PRISE”

Weight reduction: a multi-million pound industry with thousands of books, tips and professional advice circulating today’s many media outlets. However, whereas    ... more

Revolutionary technique enlightens dentistry

Teeth: the workhorse of the human body. Their specialised shapes have meant that humans as a species can eat a broad    ... more

Eureka moment for potential parasite vaccine

Malaria, the parasite-driven condition spread via mosquito vectors, is one of the most notorious pathogens, endemic to equatorial regions within sub-Saharan    ... more

Sci-Fi like technology shows burns efficacy

Countering drug-resistant bacteria has been looked into for years ever since these types of pathogens burst on to the scene, with    ... more

Frequency key to diabetes management

Type into google “diabetes management” and you will open pages upon pages of advice from health scientists, forums, support groups and    ... more

Strides in cancer treatment from atypical ally

Viruses and mankind have shared an evolutionary history since the dawn of man, evolving, adapting to best infect and protect from    ... more

Research turns popular oxidant belief upside down

Foods containing rich sources of antioxidants, like blueberries and red peppers, have long been hailed as ‘superfoods’ by various health specialists    ... more

“Goddess of fate” gene shows Alzheimer’s potential

Getting older and cognitive function go hand in hand: our brain’s capacity to absorb knowledge and create new ideas, develops over    ... more

Stem cell breakthrough hails research possibilities

A novel and first of its kind discovery may have altered the way we test products and compounds meant for human    ... more

Vaccine trial takes more subtle route

Vaccines have aided humanity tremendously ever since their inception, improving immunity to pathogens whilst even sending some strains to the confines    ... more

Novel discovery benefits chemo patients

The treatment of cancer with chemotherapy uses varying drugs, depending of the type of condition the patient is diagnosed with. Some    ... more

Relaxing treatment shows post-exercise promise

Are the bicep curls making it complicated to lift your arms? Have all those squats made your trip up the stairs    ... more

Novel multi-drug method shows promise

A new way to treat Hepatitis C could be available for human use as soon as late 2014, according to novel    ... more