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Numerous times a year and across the world, fans of pop culture aim to congregate and celebrate their favourites in the genre. Pop culture may be known for being pervasive and these congregations might often take the form of conventions. These conventions, which span a diverse range of subjects, cast a wide net across pop culture passions and may find themselves centred  on a various themes. Conventions may be found celebrating subjects from modern film to Japanese anime or anything in between. By touching on a multitude of subjects, enthusiasts may find themselves with a packed calendar all year round.

Recently, in ‘the big apple’, New York Comic Con took place and may have attracted a variety of guests from around the world as they participate in this annual event. The popularity of New York Comic Con sees the convention attracting a fans and celebrities alike. Often celebrities appear in order to debut the latest pop culture news, offering attendees a unique early look into the future of the entertainment industry. Acting as a podium for breaking news, conventions of this type often present media news through their variety of panels. These panels are conducted by celebrities, and their affiliates, as they reveal new details to their fans.



New York Comic Con may reign as one of the most popular conventions and such conventions extend beyond ‘the big apple’. Popping up in locations worldwide, this month alone saw an exciting range of conventions this side of the blue. With Reading, Nottingham and London Comic Cons aim to be the latest to host their annual convention British fans have something to look forward to. Fans of all things pop culture may expect to find exclusive announcements, celebrity appearances and even cosplayers at these events. Of these concepts fans may look forward to, cosplay is one which aims to defy convention.

For those unfamiliar, cosplay is the art of dressing up as iconic pop culture characters. Drawing from the vast library of fictional characters, cosplayers wear their passions and present them proudly to onlookers. While navigating through the mass of fans, attendees may see numerous individuals cosplay a range of characters, drawing from anything, including video game, film or anime lore. Seasoned cosplays may be seen donning extravagant outfits from their favourite forms of entertainment. Attendees might find a super charged anime hero strolling across the convention floor alongside a galactic hero from cinema. The variety and inventiveness which sometimes goes into cosplay might seem a worthy accomplishment.

Credit@ London.Comic.Con

Credit@ London.Comic.Con

By drawing from the multitude of characters saturating pop culture, cosplayers wield a creative license which may lead to intriguing results. This amalgamation of fandom and creativity may lead to conventions seeing a surge in success as fans and cosplayers meet on the convention floor. Those eager to demonstrate their latest cosplay outfit and those eager to be at the forefront of the latest entertainment news, find a common theme in conventions, their uniting passion for pop culture. Gazing across the sea of people one might find a rich pallet of colour from all the passionate fans. Cosplayer may emulate some of the most popular characters conventions and might find itself a place where friendships are forged.

Attendees might meet during conventions and find themselves bonding with others through their common interests. This shared interest and encounter at conventions might forge passionate communities. During conventions individuals are able to embrace their passions for their favourite characters, meet new individuals and interact with figures from their favourite industries. Breaking news, colourful characters and a chance to express their devotion for the things they love is what makes conventions an opportunity to be a part of a community which pop culture supports.

How do conventions aim to establish pop culture fans and creators with a community of like-minded individuals?


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