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The variety of concepts which populate the medium of video games may allow players to experience a multitude of scenarios; from exploring derelict spacecraft on an alien world to solving challenging puzzles. Through the interactive medium of video games, developers may have found a way to provide players with numerous experiences. It’s within these moments where the media of video games might serve to immerse players, each player having their own individual experience and each experience in turn a new memory. This week, the release of a contemporary indie title aims to harness the medium of video games to generate a memorable experience.

Developers Plastic Studios aim to craft a memorable experience by shining a spotlight on the stage of dance. With publisher Santa Monica Studios lending their expertise, the two studios set out to bring audiences a tale told through the medium of dance. This latest release is titled Bound, a platform adventure with a distinct visual style and protagonist. What makes Bound’s protagonist memorable may be her penchant for dance, specifically ballet. Instead of traversing a virtual environment through traditional means, Plastic Studios aim to offer players control of a bounding ballerina, leaping her way through the game’s pulsating dreamscape.

Bound credit@PlasticStudios.SantaMonicaStudio.jpg

Bound credit@PlasticStudios.SantaMonicaStudio.jpg

With Bound, Plastic Studios aim to captivated players through offering them control of the graceful dancer. As each elegant twirl aims to enamour players, the environment, filled with splashes of colour, may further complement the stylistic vision of the developers. An artistic vision which may draw players in; however, through the animation style of Bound’s protagonist, players may find themselves absorbed. Bound’s protagonist springs over obstacles, a deft precision with each movement. Plastic Studios aims to craft realistic ballet movement through attention to detail and close study of the art form, each pirouette beautifully rendered. The attention to details may be seen as Bound aims to demonstrate the realism of each deliberate move, striking in its complexity, which may leave players in awe at Bound’s technical achievement. Furthermore, streaming from the protagonist’s hands are trailing red ribbons, which flicker with life in the wind. The fluid motion of each twirling ribbon may have players feeling like rhythmic ribbon dancing Olympians, each flourish elegant in its expression.

As players flow through the environment, pulses of colour punctuate each deliberate pose with an array of abstract shapes; synchronicity between the pulsing environment and the nimble onscreen dancer may serve to envelope players in the world’s rich texture. With its distinct visual style Bound may draw players in and through a compelling narrative it may enthral them.

Bound aims to craft an emotive tale through offering players an absorbing experience. Plastic Studios aim to convey this narrative through intriguing and innovative technological advancements. Underscoring the exquisite choreography and lively vista are aims of the use of music; a pulsing electro acoustic soundtrack which aims to breathe life into the world.

As players twirl their way through each obstacle, the narrative gradually unfolds, revealing an emotional tale. Art, love and life are some of the themes explored, touching on human emotion in a way which may remind players of titles like Journey or Abzu. Bound aims to share an emotional narrative with players as they explore Plastic Studio’s vivid world; the distinct environments, a mesmerising art gallery of diverse angles and shapes. Audiences may identify with Plastic Studios as they aim to create a memorable journey, one with a message which may remain with players long after they leave the world of Bound. Bound aims to give players the tools to choreograph their own dance routines as they navigate the game’s rich world, each movement an emotive expression.

Pirouette into adventure with Bound, out now on PS4.

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