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The roar of a powerful engine and grace of the machine gliding across the horizon may be a sight to behold and one the Forza series aims to capture with vivid detail. The word Forza may find its origin in the Italian word for force and as the series aims to capture the exhilaration of Motorsport racing, this powerful word seems appropriate.

To achieve a realistic interpretation of Motorsport racing, the Forza series developers aim to place an emphasis on simulating each vehicle with their powerful physics engine. The powerful physics engine under the hood aims to calculate weight and control of the vast roster of cars, each rendered individually to give the cars a unique feel. Originating with the Forza Motorsport series, development studio Turn 10 focused on circuit racing. Although, the Forza team eventually introduced a new line of racing under the Forza name, this took a step back from the Motorsport scene. Under the subheading “Horizon”, Forza produced a new aspect of racing to the series while still retaining the core gameplay it was known for.

Credit @Microsoft.PlaygroundGames

Credit @Microsoft.PlaygroundGames

Whereas the Forza Motorsport series focused on circuit racing, the Forza Horizon division aims to offer a more open-ended approach to racing. Both parts of the Forza series retain dynamic car control and offer an accessible approach to newcomers. This month, Forza returns with Forza Horizon 3 and places gamers in an open world which allows them to take their vehicles off road.

When it comes to the Forza Horizon branch of the series, development studio Turn 10 gave control to developers Playground Games. As denoted by the number at the end, Forza Horizon 3 aims to be the third offering from Playground Games and the studio aims to implement what they’ve learned from the previous iterations. Boasting over 350 cars, Forza Horizon 3 places gamers in the Australian outback and gives them the tools to take on a variety of challenges at their leisure. As gamers roam across the outback they may notice the visuals on display, from the vehicles to the environment. Landscapes are rendered with a beautiful colour pallet which may evoke a sense of awe and wonder as players explore the land down under.

Credit @Microsoft.PlaygroundGames

Credit @Microsoft.PlaygroundGames

As players roam through the world Playground Games has created, Forza Horizon 3 offers gamers to earn fans as they drive with flair and demonstrate their driving capability. Earning fans allows players to unlock new events and locations, which may open up new aspects of the game. Fans may be earned through one’s driving skill and winning races to contribute to one’s overall progress. Whether going airborne of drifting across a dirt trail, Forza Horizon 3 offers a multitude of ways for players to increase their popularity and sponsorships as they rise to the top.

In Forza Horizon 3 players may compete in a variety of racing events and championship tournaments, taking on challengers on or offline. One aspect which may directly affect player’s success ratio is their ability to customise their vehicles. Playground Games aims to offer players a deep customisation tool to fine tune a multitude of aspects. These include fine tuning their car’s engine performance, right down to personalising the sound of their horn.

This year it seems freedom is the name of the game. Playground Games aims to deliver on their namesake and offer gamers a playground to explore. Forza Horizon 3 aims to offer an unrestricted open-world environment for players to navigate. By building on the mechanics of their previous releases, Forza Horizon 3 aims to be bigger and better than its predecessor.

Forza Horizon 3 is available now on PC and Xbox One.

How may Forza Horizon 3 broaden the racing genre with its open-world formula?


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