Championing coherance

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Supporters of the group at the event itself, which seems to be striving to attain a second EU vote. Credit @Femi_sorry via Twitter.

With Brexit negotiations ongoing, it seems the debate may remain at the forefront of public focus, most notably due to impacting the British public’s future. Considering they ultimately voted for the outcome, they may warrant a contribution into how the withdrawal occurs. As such, it may therefore be important for the public to have an increased input on proceedings. The People’s Vote campaign group seems to have been established in tandem with this ideology, and whilst the majority involved seem to champion the EU, the main goal seems to give the public a larger voice. Considering the referendum result seemed narrowly divided, with 16 million people voting to remain, it may be important to represent the masses proficiently, as this may lead to increased cohesion.

The group themselves have come to fruition in their quest to attain a second referendum for the public, where they may vote upon the final Brexit deal. Achieving this may reassure the public their will may be represented and, if they feel improvements may be required, they might be able to vocalise this suggestion. It seemed imperative for the movement to therefore be spearheaded by influencers possessing the experience to resonate with the masses. The group seems to have adhered to this ideology, with Patrick Stewart acting as the focal point for the campaign. With Stewart trained as a Shakespearian actor, he may possess a proficient grasp of the English language, and thus may have opted for syntax which inspires all. His speech seemed to follow this, connoting themes of tolerance and unity, and thus it may have been an innovative decision to place him in the role.

Whilst Stewart may, therefore, claim the focus, some other influencers have also lent their assistance to the campaign. These include various MPs, and with these representing a range of parties, the movement seems to have bypassed political affiliations. Amongst these is Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party, and considering her vast experience in this role; she may play an integral role in advancing the group. When coupled with her negotiating capabilities, potentially earned in becoming the leader of a party, she seems well equipped to productively impact the movement. Alongside her is Chuka Umunna, MP for Lambeth, which had the highest Remain vote in the country. Those who voted for this outcome may, therefore, feel well represented, as their opinions may be vocalised by those they elected themselves.

Championing coherance

Caroline Lucas and Patrick Stewart seem to be playing key roles in the group. Credit

Whilst this may be a productive start to proceedings, the key may now be to build upon this to make sure their plans may ultimately be implemented. The support of the British public may be pivotal in this, and considering the group has already attained the support of 1200 people at the event itself, the debate seems a situation which resonates with the masses. If they may develop this, and continue to unite various groups who wish to remain in the EU, they may enhance the strength of the movement. Plus, with the group aiming to make further advancements, this seems a campaign which might stay at the forefront of focus, solely serving to draw further attention to proceedings.

With the UK formally ceasing a member of the EU in March 2019, it seems both sides may be facing challenging circumstances, with a time frame outlined for negotiations concluded. With the sides also aiming to reach a final deal in October, this suggestion may be emphasised. As such, it may be increasingly important to involve the public in the final decision, as the deal may have pledges which vary from those outlined, and may impact society differently. With gaining the support of the masses also potentially elevating Theresa May’s strength in negotiations, the benefits seem plentiful. Plus, with the desire for increased involvement intensifying in the aftermath of the Syria situation, May might be striving to appease the campaigners. If they may succeed, they might lay the foundations for similar movements in other areas.

How might increasing public involvement in political debates create a more content in society?


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