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April decided to make coaching her full-time job in March 2016, and Powerhouse Coalition was found.

April Start has learned over the years; success is far from the key to happiness; happiness IS the key to success. Once one finds their passion and love what they are doing, success follows.

A mother of a beautiful daughter and two fur babies, wife to a loving husband and dad, certified labour and delivery nurse, laid-back, fun-loving fitness nut, April embraces life fully. Through years of challenges with self-love and acceptance, she found her calling when she found herself.

April’s journey to becoming a coach began shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Olivia, in December 2016. Her role as a woman instantly changed, when she became a mother and knew she needed to rediscover and redefine herself. From challenges with breastfeeding to wide-awake nights, due to a colicky baby; she found herself slowly becoming more overwhelmed and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

April was scrolling through Facebook one afternoon and came across a friend’s post, which changed everything for her. This woman was a mother of two children under the age of two, which had gained a substantial amount of weight over the previous two years. Her post was a side-by-side photo of herself, with 30 days in between when the two photos were taken. April was moved by her transformation, by her physical aspect and also the joy radiating from her eyes and smile. It was contagious, and April had to know her secret. She messaged her, and from this moment forward, April’s life was forever changed.

Powerhouse Coalition

April decided to make coaching her full-time job in March 2016, and Powerhouse Coalition was found. Presently residing in Houston, Texas, April is a full-time health and fitness coach spending her days using social media to inspire others to take action on their fitness journey.

Those who decide to commit to their health receive access to April’s private support and accountability groups. Within these groups she shares health/fitness/wellness information, recipes, incorporates fun challenges, and creates a safe and energetic atmosphere for people across the US, Canada, and the UK to plug into almost, while they are working to meet health and fitness goals.

the Jupital had a chat with April about her business and goals:

the Jupital: What personal factors did you consider when you decided to make a career change from nurse to coach?

“The determining factors I considered when deciding to take coaching on full time came down to a career, which allowed me more flexibility with my daughter. I knew I wanted to stay home and raise my child and avoid daycare being away from her for 12-14 hours. Coaching allows me this freedom. I make my hours, working during my daughter’s naps, before her waking in the morning and occasionally after she goes to bed if I have loose ends to tie up from the day. I am still in the industry of helping others, which was essential to me. Additionally, I always had a love and passion for health and fitness, so I knew immediately coaching would be an excellent fit for my family and me.”

the Jupital: How do you set priorities in your work?

“When it comes to my work schedule, I am organized. I plan my monthly groups weeks and prioritise each day, the night before. I am clear with my clients about my availability and the times during the day I unplugged from my phone and computer. Balance, I believe is crucial to long-term success and happiness in any venture, business related or personal.”

the Jupital: What steps or techniques do you take to ensure you meet the needs of your clients?

“Communication is key to ensuring my client’s needs are met. I ask many questions and spend more time listening than talking with my clients. I run polls in my groups each month, to find out what my clients want to see. Additionally, I reach out to my clients individually to see if their needs are being met. Keeping several lines of communication open at once, I’ve found to be incredibly beneficial in staying up to date with the requirements of my clients.”

the Jupital: What has been your most significant professional achievement so far?

My most significant professional achievement is a work in progress I aim to announce to the public in the New Year! Outside of this project, I would say my most significant professional achievement thus far has been growing my clientele to almost 100, in under nine months. It is incredible in only nine short months ago; I would be where I am today with my business. It’s exciting and humbling, and I am looking forward to what 2018 has in store.

April decided to make coaching her full-time job in March 2016, and Powerhouse Coalition was found.

Some of the programmes April offers are 40+ comprehensive programs one may stream anywhere Wi-Fi is offered and 400+ workouts (HIIT, weight lifting, Pilates, Bootcamp Style and few to name). Modifiers for each program and guides providing precisely what to do (this program is for ALL fitness levels, beginner or advanced), a simplified nutrition program to teach eating clean and exactly how much of each food group to eat to reach goals, daily health & fitness tips and 30 days of a nutrient-dense shake to begin to feel healthy and experience changes from the inside out.

Furthermore, April is a business mentor. She trains others who feel coaching is a good fit and fully equipping them to launch their successful home fitness businesses. April helps others supplement their income, with the option to leave their corporate jobs, for an improved life—whatever it may look like to them such as staying home with their children, having the flexibility to travel when and where they want to be in control of their life. To have the freedom to choose when, where and how much they want to work.

“Through the strength, I’ve discovered on my journey, I have been able to inspire others to start on their journeys towards better health, fitness and ultimately deeper, sustainable happiness. This is why Powerhouse Coalition was born. Having been in business for about nine months to date, I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds. With a heart for helping others, whether it’s designing meal plans, finding the perfect workout program for a client or volunteering in my community; this is where I find the most joy and fulfilment.” smiles April.

It has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to April; able to help others get physically, mentally & financially fit. More than she ever has dreamed of herself. For more information on April, please visit her website or connect to her through various social media platforms:



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