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Marty McFly and Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live. Credit@ YouTube Screenshot

Back to the Future is a trilogy of movies, the first released in 1985, which many experts might now consider classics of the sci-fi and adventure genre. All three films star Michael J. Fox as the young time traveller ‘Marty Mcfly’ and Christopher Lloyd whom portrays the quirky ‘Dr. Emmett Brown’ also known as ‘Doc’, the genius behind the DeLorean time machine in which Mcfly travels through time.

Many fans and film scholars may know of the recent event that made history known as ‘Future Day’. Future day is based on one of the future dates that Marty Mcfly visited in the DeLorean. In the 1985 release, he visited the 21st October 2015, a date which has now come to pass. To celebrate this 30 year mark, and in honour of the franchise itself, many participated in Future Day by dressing up as famous characters, creating social media and sharing Back to the Future stories and memorabilia, amongst other things.

However the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show might have taken the celebration one step further by inviting Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd onto his show to perform in their Back to the Future characters.

The episode entails the characters ‘re-returning’ to the 21st October 2015 where they arrive on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The presenter then goes on to converse with the characters, comparing what the characters thought 2015 might be like to what Kimmel tells them the reality of the year is.

The episode went viral and has reached over 12 million views on YouTube. It appears the characters are still very popular to the public 30 years on from their initiation to the world. The episode may have inspired newcomers to join the Back to the Future fandom, furthering their entertainment experiences whilst inspiring new ideas on the franchise.

Such popularity of the brief re-creation may rouse the interests of the original and new film professionals to such an extent that they may consider doing more re-creations of the box office triumph. This could well further the franchise’s popularity and create a whole new generation of Back to the Future fans; it may also give new creative professionals the opportunity to utilise their skills.

The general response to Future Day seems to have been phenomenal in the sense people from all over the globe have participated in the event, giving people the opportunity to make new friends through social media by bonding over a common interest. Press might have been considered very quick to pick up on the Back to the Future trend, boosting its circulation which in turn may have encouraged more people to join the craze, opening up new experiences for all.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future.Credit@UniversalStudios

Jimmy Kimmel’s live episode might indirectly inspire new creative thoughts and inventors for this generation. In the episode, the characters appear somewhat unfulfilled by the advancements in technology and general society of 2015 compared to what they ‘thought’ the year might hold. This might put everybody’s ‘modern’ day and age into perspective and encourage inventors to improve the era for the better, to reach its full potential, something some may think might still be progressed upon.

In comparison to what the public of 1985 thought 2015 might be like, the individual’s reality may be somewhat different. By highlighting this, it might well provoke action on the topic and encourage everybody to further humanity’s advancement in any way they may, consequently improving society for all. Back to the Future may still hold a lot of influence over fans and critics alike, it’s likely it still holds some kind of power over the public to incite such a response to Future Day. Using the franchise in the Jimmy Kimmel Show to highlight some of the topics in society, widespread awareness may be achieved and inspire people around the globe to take action.

The Back to the Future 30th anniversary trilogy is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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How might Back to the Future incite new creative inventions for this generation?


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