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Marian started putting her thoughts into a coherent and logical form of writing. She researched and wrote her first book “ Aspects of Reality – A Users Guide To The Universe.”

Married young and began a stint as a full-time wife and mother, Marian Matthews began evening classes and gained “A” level English and Economics. An Open University Degree in Politics and Economics followed.

“A level Law, a certificate to teach in Higher and Further Education, and the first year of a degree in Philosophy followed some years later. As it worked out, a serious return to work using these skills was postponed. She remarried and immediately had two more children. With the rising success of her then-husband, she became a corporate wife. She occupied herself voluntarily and in doing so gained and used many skills.

Following her voluntary work, she became a local and district councillor. This involved: acting on committees, negotiating agreements, helping to make fundamental and budgetary decisions, organising elections, sometimes acting as an election agent for other candidates. She also served on the education schools appeals committee, both in Wokingham District Council catchment and for Poole Unitary authority. She raised funds for a charity for the blind and gave talks about their work. She also fundraised for and hosted the Chernobyl Children’s lifeline.

Marian to the right. The book she wrote and published.

The good, however narrow, grammar school education had given Marian two useful things. Firstly, an ability to use written English accurately. Secondly, a love both of Physics and English literature. As her last child left for university, Marian started putting her thoughts into a coherent and logical form of writing. She always had doubts about all she was taught even from a small child and needed to channel this. She researched and wrote her first book “ Aspects of Reality – A Users Guide To The Universe.”

Unable to find a mainstream publisher, Marian opted for self-publishing with an established publisher who specialised in alternative books and had a reputable website.

the Jupital had the opportunity to speak with Marian and ask her some questions:

the Jupital: How long does it take you to write a book?

“it took me 5 years to write the first book. My next book may take the same. Both need a vast amount of research. I spent a long time thinking and talking to people before ever I put a pen to paper. It is far from the physical act of writing which takes the time, it is the creative process behind it.”

the Jupital: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

“The most surprising thing I learnt from writing the book was to allow each chapter to start without a plan of what you are going to say. Go where the research takes you. It is important to keep a clear and open mind and remove any preconceptions cloud of what you find.”

the Jupital: What suggestions do you have for those who may want to start writing a book?

“To anyone who is keen on writing a book, I would say…start writing! Simply allow the words to flow. Write what comes into your head and then edit when the structure becomes clear. Do it.”

In the book, she expressed, although it was unspoken about in society or her household growing up, her first husband, and she always felt they had met before in a previous life. This triggered a 40-year train of thought, wondering and reading. Why? How? What does this mean? What is actually going on?

Aspect of Reality book cover

The book combines science, spirituality, philosophy and alternative thinking answer some above questions. It is written for all, in a logical and easy to follow structure. Topics include; an exploration of who people as human beings are, the nature of human consciousness and what this means for the big picture, mysteries of life, science and spirituality, the spirit world, angels and aliens and what physics has to tell about reality. It also touches on how one may use the information to improve their lives.

“ Aspects of Reality – A Users Guide To The Universe.” is also available in Kindle form, along with a short 7 Aspects of reality, and Superclues to reality.

Marian is working on writing her second book, Further Aspects of Reality (working title). To learn more about Marian’s work click here, which offers updates regularly with articles on the various reality topics she writes about. She also offers talks on the 7 aspects of reality, Superclues to reality and Angels and Aliens. Marian is active and reachable on Facebook :


What further aspects may physics offer to support how each person’s reality actually exists?


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