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Upon Trump’s successful electoral campaign, he seemed to prioritise the rapid implementation of a number of his key policies, in order to both cement his position as leader and showcase the reasoning behind why he emerged victorious. One of these ideologies surrounded the US’ involvement in the Paris Agreement, a declaration signed by a multitude of countries in the global quest to reduce the impact of climate change, and ultimately extend the lifespan of the planet. Yet, Trump opted to exit the agreement, citing its overall impact on the American economy, and with one of the key ideologies behind representing the Republican Party surrounding isolationism, he seemed to be prioritising both himself and the American people. Yet, with multiple protests, in addition to the discourse from world leaders, Trump’s associates recently announced the potential to return to the agreement, and whilst this may naturally pay dividends for the US, who may be able to negotiate a superior deal for themselves, it seems to also highlight how climate change may be at the forefront of global focus.

The agreement itself seemed to come to fruition in part due to the surge in automobile usage, with the ever-extending scientific capabilities ultimately contributing to increased global emissions. As such, enticing all countries to join the deal may be key, especially with the US amongst the largest exporters of cars. Thus, whilst the reappearance of the US may be rumoured, the fact Trump’s aids may ultimately be considering a return may showcase the importance of the deal, as it seems to contradict the President’s original actions and desires. Yet, in highlighting its importance, and with America’s global influence, in terms of trade and allies, seemingly well-documented, their actions may lay the groundwork for others to similarly focus on the agreement.

Whilst Trump’s exit from the deal may have been in accordance with his voters’ ideologies, he seemed to be met with wide-spread condemnation. This seems to highlight the unity showcased by the globe, with the overarching desire to extend the lifespan of the planet whilst extending the benefits provided by nature seemingly bypassing geographical and political boundaries. This response may have played a pivotal role in Trump’s potential return, with world leaders often utilising their meetings with Trump in an attempt to mediate negotiations. Amongst these leaders may have been Emmanuel Macron, who recently oversaw the goal to remove all petrol and diesel cars in France by 2040, and find alternate power to coal, with both of these aims reiterating his commitment to the cause.

Donald Trump with Emmanuel Macron. Credit @_dpaj via Twitter.

As such, the actions of global leaders may have been instrumental in persuading Trump to consider a return, highlighting their negotiating abilities. Yet, their vocal support of the pact may have occurred in part due to public opinion on the matter, and with multiple protests underpinning the global desire for reform on climate change, the influencers may in part be responding to the will of the people. As such, a return for the US may cement Trump’s position as leader, as with his previous approval ratings, alongside the ratings for other Presidents, superior to his current one, returning may both enhance his credentials and lead to a wider breadth of people understanding, and ultimately forming an opinion on, the situation.

As Rex Tillerson, who announced the aim, is Trump’s Secretary of State, he may have been trusted to handle a wide array of affairs, and therefore his speech may hold precedent in current affairs due to its credibility. Naturally, a return may pay dividends for both the treaty and the globe itself, as in agreeing to reduce emissions, the US, one of the most populous countries in the world, may be setting a precedent, and negotiating this may also inspire Trump to act similarly in the debate with North Korea, brokering a deal as opposed to his current plan of action. Resolving both of these predicaments may be important for Trump, as with the other five living US Presidents having recently united in the quest to contribute to Irma relief, rapidly resolving complex predicaments may contribute to him enhancing the standard of living for future generations, ultimately cementing his legacy.

How may re-joining the agreement reiterate the world’s stance on global warming?


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