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Adding an egg yolk to cooled mayonnaise also works as an effective face-mask: Credit@ecschloe.blogspot

Welcome to the summer holidays; full of sunshine, swimming pools, beer gardens and barbecues. To counter a sore back, from Sunday evening rounders, the remedy may be found hidden away in the kitchen. To cool sunburn and rejuvenate skin from all day sunbathing, say hello to ice, butter, milk and cucumber. And to keep lips looking shiny and supple, find somewhere cool to store lipsticks.

According to Silver Travel Advisor’s Dave Harcombe, everything  needed for a healthier summer may be found in the fridge. Home remedies are often some of the best health and beauty medicines, as they are affordable, effective and easy to get hold of. The qualified pharmacist has provided a variety of helpful tips and original ideas for a healthy and beautiful summer:

His first recommendation is to use ice as a healing method. As well as cooling down  favourite drinks; ice packs may be used to alleviate muscle tension, itches and insect bites; reduce bruising, bleeding and relieve swelling. Homemade ice packs from ice cubes may be wrapped in a small towel or rubber gloves. Even curing splinters becomes easier after numbing the area with an ice cube; while putting an ice-cube in ones mouth may relieve the feeling of toothache.

Marinating food for a summer barbecue may leave one with a cocktail of different sauces stuck to fingers. Rub a knob of butter into hands to remove fishy smells, then wash it off with soap and hot water. Massaging butter into dry hair and covering it with a plastic bag or shower cap gives a soft, silky finish. For lingering garlic smells, chew on sprigs of parsley straight from the salad box in the fridge.

Challenged with hiccups? Get rid of them by sucking on a cold lemon slice or an ice cube. Or, alternatively, try drinking small, quick sips of ice-cold water. It is common practice to use cucumber slices for face-masks, but what about potato slices? Cooled, raw potato slices applied to the brow area are an instant headache relief.

When it comes to beauty products, the fridge may be a surprisingly useful tool.  When nail varnish becomes all clogged up and thick, simply put it in the fridge to restore the varnish to its best within minutes. Lipsticks kept in the fridge tend to last longer and are easier to use.

Applying neat, fridge-cooled gin to the affected area eases sunburn and soothes the skin. More affordable alternatives include; natural yoghurt, cold potato slices, cucumber slices and cold tea bags. For heatstroke and sunburn drink cool water, drinking small amounts regularly usually works best.

Milk is an essential fridge item that will always be around to help. Dip cotton wool balls into milk and they may serve as a decent face cleanser. Adding an egg yolk to cooled mayonnaise also works as an effective face-mask.

Finally, yoghurt may be one of the greatest and healthiest food aids. Natural yoghurt, containing live acidophilus culture, acts as an antibiotic, an immunity booster and helps to clear up travellers’ diarrhoea. It also soothes ulcers and helps to clear up yeast conditions.

What is your favourite homemade remedy?


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