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Variety of mobile games on the market. Credit@DeusEx.SquareEnix.Edios

In recent years, the mobile platform may have seen a resurgence of applications. As many individuals may own a smartphone or tablet device, the rise in mobile applications may have been a natural evolution of the platform as each sequential device releases, may see performance improvements. Through gradual performance upgrades, consumers may see mobile devices grow increasingly powerful as time progresses. In turn, these technological advancements may result in a resurgence of increasingly complex gaming applications, the likes of which may otherwise require dedicated gaming hardware. Complex computations coupled with hardware improvements may produce mobile video games at the upper end of the spectrum perfectly at home in the hands of the average mobile owner.

In the current iteration of mobile gaming, players may find themselves attempting to “catch ‘em all” as Pokemon Go finds itself rising to the top of the highest grossing apps.  However, on the other, more stationary side of the spectrum, the video game world may find itself dominated by console and computer gamers. Sony and Microsoft may be content to hold influence over the stationary gamer, however, it seems the world of mobile gaming may continue to grow irrespective of this.

Often, console owners may find themselves with plenty of titles to select from and this month, one title in particular may pop up on the radar of gamers; this title is Deus Ex. With Deus Ex, developers Eidos Montreal aim to construct a vibrant cyberpunk setting, bathing the environment and characters in hues of yellow and gold. In Deus Ex players may control protagonist Adam Jensen as they explore Edios Montreal’s vision of a distinct dystopian future. As Adam Jensen players may expand their skills as they accumulate a number of cybernetic augmentations; these augmentations may allow players to choose from a variety of abilities, from Invisibility cloaks to speed or vision enhancements. Deus Ex aims to provide players with the freedom to select their individual path of augmentation, accumulating and enhancing dynamic abilities as they see fit.



This primary Deus Ex series was developed by Edios Montreal , a subsidiary of Square Enix, which may have found success through their ability to craft vibrant worlds steeped in rich story and characters. Although Edios Montreal may have developed the primary series, it is Square Enix Montreal  who aims to bring this cybernetic sci-fi tale to mobile devices. Square Enix Montreal set out to capture the feel of the Deus Ex universe and give it a new home on mobile. Square Enix Montreal may have previously establish themselves as an adept mobile developer, one with a penchant for transforming large scale video game titles to the mobile platform, through their “Go series”.

Prior to Deus Ex, Square Enix Montreal aimed to adapt the widely popular Tomb Raider series, bringing Lara Croft to mobile devices as Lara Croft Go. This time around, Square Enix Montreal aims to give Adam Jensen the same treatment with Deus Ex Go. Drawing on the source material of Deus Ex, Deus Ex Go aims to centre on series protagonist Adam Jensen. In Deus Ex Go players may manoeuvre Adam Jensen along a gridded map, using their touchscreen, which may be reminiscent of classic board games. Adapting aspects from the primary series, players may use this turn based system to sneak, hack or augment their way to their success.

In adapting Deus Ex for mobile devices, Square Enix Montreal aims to put Adam Jensen’s adventure in the hands of anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Deus Ex Go aims to provide an affordable option for iOS and Android owners, further increasing the accessibility of the latest Go title. In creating this scaled down mobile adaptation, drawing on the series lore and adopting the cyberpunk aesthetic, Square Enix Montreal may allow the story of Adam Jensen to reach anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

How does the Deus Ex Go serve as an example of a console title adapted for mobile?


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