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2017 has contained multiple important events and a multitude of influencers have been striving to implement innovation across the globe. Credit @TheJupital.

2017 recently concluded with a multitude of influencers utilising the year to exert their authority on the globe, a wide array of different events, varying conclusions occurring in the process, it may be among the most important in recent history.

Whilst it may have been important in advancing the careers of these influencers, one being Jeremy Corbyn, who throughout this period made strides towards number ten, the public may have been impacted. This may be due to the pathways created which people, and on a broader scale entire nations, may now be following.

Yet, improvements may still occur, as whilst innovation has resulted in a productive year for a multitude of people, particular events may have showcased the necessity for advancements, with this contributing to making further strides towards the overarching goal of global equality.

With the successful Presidential campaign for Trump, and the European referendum in Britain, 2016 seemed an important year politically, with opportunities available for the public to influence both their and their counterparts’ futures. As such, a goal for 2017 may have been to enhance stability, as with the nationalistic wave which seemed to occur across the globe, magnified by the successes of Trump and Brexit, perhaps creating a societal divide, the necessity for solidarity may have intensified. Ultimately, this may have occurred, as with a vast array of political innovation, ranging from the alterations to the Conservative manifesto in their quest to appeal to the masses, to the debates surrounding Uber and NHS, it seems complete unity may soon be achieved.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have been striving to utilise the recent year to advance their political cause. Credit

As such, it seems the political debates may be at the forefront of focus, with both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn ultimately aiming to use these to their advantage. An important factor in both of their advancements maybe the power of the people, as they might be the driving influence behind any potential increase in power. The public’s authority seems to have therefore also been showcased in 2017, with them having an increasingly influential opinion during proceedings. The recent desires to have a larger role in the Brexit deal seems to highlight this, and when coupled with similar actions occurring globally, including in Catalonia, this influence may be key in ensuring all may have their voices heard.

Yet, perhaps the most poignant aspect of 2017 may have been how Britain, as a nation, has responded to complex predicaments. Most notably, this surrounds Grenfell, with fundraisers and campaigns contributing to the potential resolution of the situation, ultimately to make sure those affected may attain the necessary recognition and support. Similar outcomes seemed to occur after Manchester and Westminster, and whilst there may have been ample opportunity for divide to occur, the opposite seemed to have achieved, with the public showing solidarity in the face of adversity.

With these events also important in enhancing support for the NHS, with their efficiency ultimately enhancing the reasoning behind an influx of funding, it seems the response of the nation has been a prime contributor in ensuring stability may be achieved.

The vast celebrations at the conclusion of 2017 may be important in having an equalling productive 2018, in order to act similarly at the end of the year. Credit

A wide array of innovation seems to have occurred throughout the year, both politically and for the general masses, with a multitude of boundaries bypassed in the final quest to make sure the globe may continue to improve. With the Nepalese elections, in which women were also provided with the vote, coupled with poignant accolades, including the first female statue to be erected in Parliament Square, this suggestion seems to be emphasised. With Grenfell also continuing to be remembered six months on, and other important debates, such as Uber, aiming to improve the standard of living for all, this formula may be replicated in upcoming years in the quest for similar accomplishments.

As such, 2017 seems to have had a consistent focus on the past, and with the Suffragettes and Passchendaele important contributors in this, the year may have showcased the advancements made by society, resulting in the complex predicaments which have recently occurred being left in the memory than replicated.

How might challenging predicaments be important in creating innovation, which may benefit the globe in the future?


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