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Square Enix's newest release, Final Fantasy XV. Credit@SquareEnix

Only a handful of video games may claim to have had a hand in shaping the interactive entertainment industry, and even fewer of these pioneering games may continue to release titles generation after generation. From the ever-changing face of the colourful Mario brothers to the various role-playing Pokemon games, certain titles may hold a place within the field of video games, as their presence seems to continually influence the medium. Whether innovating each sequential release, and reshaping ideas, to raising the benchmark, which may prompt other developers to aim higher, certain series seem to retain this philosophy which may extend and promote growth. One series, which aims to uphold its legacy through each new release, may be the science fiction and fantasy series, Final Fantasy.

Initially appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, during the role-playing genre’s infancy, the veil was lifted on a new type of game and audiences received their first look at Final Fantasy. This Japanese developed series aimed to captivate players with its vibrant characters, fictional story and turn-based gameplay. All these concepts were packaged into a title which may have elevated the role-playing genre and introduced the series into the minds of players across the globe.

Luna, one of the characters in Final Fantasy XV. Credit@SquareEnix

Luna, one of the characters in Final Fantasy XV. Credit@SquareEnix

Developed by Square Enix, this Japanese company continued to produce Final Fantasy games, each aiming to introduce new characters, stories and fantasy adventure to players. Since the series inception on the Nintendo Entertainment System to its modern day iteration on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Square Enix seemed to have continually evolved with the ever changing face of video games. Each new release aimed to tap into modern audiences and this month marks Square Enix’s latest attempt to reach out to the players once more.

Simply titled, Final Fantasy XV, this 15th core entry to the series aims to reach out to contemporary audiences while propelling the mechanics of Final Fantasy into modern times. Final Fantasy XV aims to harness the hardware of today’s gaming devices and present a polished adventure with an almost photorealistic beauty. The graphical fidelity of Final Fantasy XV may be what grabs players’ attention, yet the characters and fictional setting may be what serve to immerse players in the world.


Ignis and Prompto have a discussion while exploring the open world of Final Fantasy. Credit@SquareEnix

Final Fantasy XV sets out to innovate the genre by presenting players with an open world; a diverse sandbox for players to explore as they encounter unique creatures and lush landscapes. Within this world, players embark on a road trip, which may be filled with adventure and several unique characters. Final Fantasy XV also aims to streamline gameplay and introduce fluid real time gameplay mechanics, which aim to replace the traditional, turn based systems the series may be known for.

Whether mastering a diverse set of magical weapons or casting elemental spells, Final Fantasy XV lets players develop their characters in a way of their choosing. With an overhauled gameplay system and new characters, each with their own personality and goals, all set in a visually striking world, Final Fantasy XV aims to redefine the series while retaining a familiar role-playing experience. Final Fantasy XV also aims to present players with an original story, which may allow new players to step into the world of Final Fantasy without requiring any prior knowledge. In making each main entry to the series a self contained, and maturing experience, Square Enix aim to deliver an accessible product which bears the all the hallmarks the franchise may be known for.

How does Square Enix aim to develop the Final Fantasy series further with Final Fantasy XV?


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