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Come join the fun at Club Penguin!

By Louisa Falconer, Aged 12

Club Penguin is a great, safe, child friendly website where you can waddle around and meet new friends! You have your own cartoon penguin that you can dress up and change colour! Club penguin is child friendly with tons of games. Almost every room has a game lurking inside. The rooms are all customised in their own way,  there is even a coffee shop and pizza parlour!

What makes it so exciting is that to get to these rooms you can walk there or use your map! This map includes the whole of the Club Penguin site. Just click on a place and it will take you there! I also love getting to places by spy phone, which is given to you if you join the EPF (Elite Penguin Force).  For this you must take a test, though they is a secret agency that keeps Club Penguin safe. Beware the evil enemy, Herbet.P.Bear. He is a big scary vegetarian polar bear that was stranded on Club Penguin and hates the cold and penguins!

The fun doesn’t stop there on Club Penguin; you can  adopt your own pet Puffle. Puffles are fluffy little animals with no arms or legs that bounce to get around. They come in all different colours such as red, yellow, pink, orange, purple, brown, black, white, green and blue. My favourite is the new addition to the collection, rainbow which has all the colours in one Puffle! Puffles need your care. They must be fed, put to bed, played with and walked to keep them happy. You are allowed to adopt up to 20 Puffles to keep you occupied!

Club penguin offers a weekly newspaper that comes out every Thursday. You can find out everything going on around club penguin! There is also an advice section where you can send your questions to an editor and maybe your question will be answered in the next paper! The paper is written by a very famous penguin to the island, Aunt Arctic.

In fact, there are many famous penguins around, including Gary the Gadget Guy who makes gadgets for the secret agency, but they often go wrong! And Dot the Disguise Gal who makes and designs disguises for the secret agency! The island’s pirate and Captain of Rockhopper the migrator ship!

 One of my favourites is PH, standing for Puffle Handler. She is great with all the Puffles and does a lot of exploring and research on Puffles!

But we mustn’t forget Cadence. the island’s best dancer and DJ, or Rookie, a secret agent, though he is often messing around and making jokes. He is in charge of the April Fools Day party. Jetpack guy flies around on his jetpack to get to places faster and help those in need. Rory is the island’s best construction worker and, last but certainly not least Sensie, he is the island’s ninja. He owns the dojo in the mountains and helps young ninjas to become a black belt!

You can meet all of these penguins, and if you do, you get a special stamp to award you!There are lots of stamps you can earn when you accomplish particular things. Just click on your player card and look in your stamp book to see how many can you collect.

Club penguin also has other penguins that you can become good friends with online. There is so much that Club Penguin has to offer, so join today and be a penguin!

Come visit Club Penguin and have some fun ! www.clubpenguin.com


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