Diversity over division

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Paramedics assisting those involved at the scene. Credit @Rudra Eye Network via Facebook.

In the immediate aftermath of the events in and around London Bridge, naturally the focus might seemingly be on those affected. Yet, it may also be poignant to focus on some of the productive repercussions, with the emergency services’ actions claiming the plaudits due to their rapid response time, with eight minutes between the maiden 999 call and the conclusion of the events. A more noteworthy point conversely may be the reaction of the rest of the population, as these events seemed to produce similar outcomes created from both Westminster and Manchester, showcasing the consistent solidarity across the whole country. Whilst short-term this may result in further fundraising events, similar to the recent One Love Manchester concert, long-term it may contribute to a more stable future for the entirety of the globe, as people bypass backgrounds to live in harmony.

These events were the third of its kind in Britain in 2017, yet again the emergency response team showcased their efficient and high standard of care, enabling them to become the catalyst in a life-saving resolve. At Westminster, the police nullified the perpetrator in 82 seconds, whilst in Manchester the quick-thinking of the paramedics enabled a vast degree of people to be cared for on a vast scale. Similarly in London Bridge, the emergency services seemed to be under pressure to act due to the brief period of time involved, yet seemed to relish this challenge, and in showing their ability to work under significant time constraints they may have enhanced their chances of attaining increased funding. In addition, one of the biggest debates during this election period has been police funding, with the desire for increased officers well documented; in counteracting the perpetrators in eight minutes, they may have showcased their competence.

With the General Election forthcoming, these events may be an opportunity for politicians to showcase their political nouse in their quest for number 10. To do so, they may need to successfully balance utilising these events to advance their manifestos, whilst simultaneously providing an empathetic viewpoint in their speeches, reiterating their public speaking ability. This seems to have been achieved by Jeremy Corbyn, whose speech focussed on words underpinning the overarching desire for peace, and his response to Donald Trump on Twitter, in which he showed unity with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who himself had voiced his support of those involved, may prove his credentials as leader. Yet, all British politicians seem to have all worked together, and in bypassing their contrasting political opinions, they may set a precedent for the rest of the population.

Whilst the politicians may be able to potentially utilise these events to advance their careers, it may be more poignant to focus on the actions of the rest of the population, with their willingness to provide assistance showcasing their common goal for peace. The General Consensus showed London to be the second most diverse city in the world, with 44.9% of Londoners white British, and six major religions established in the capital. All of these groups seem to be working together, most notably to support those involved; with social media’s importance intensifying, and when added to transport running on schedule, and people continuing to walk in and around the area, these poignant actions may continue to solely serve to ensure a continuation of normality.

Ultimately, whilst these events may aim to achieve division, the actions have solely served to result in the opposite, with the population more united than ever. With fundraising concerts produced in the aftermath of Manchester, and with Westminster resulting in multiple pledges for those involved, it may be a fair assumption future fundraisers may occur, unifying the city further, and this may in turn act as a deterrent for future complex situations as Britain has continuously showcased their solidarity in the face of adversity. Ultimately, the events seem to have showcased the strength, which London citizens possess, and with all of the potential repercussions, London seems to be increasingly united, with acts of defiance proving the harmony between all in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

How may other major cities replicate London’s reaction in order to ensure increased stability in the future?


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