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Writing can be a passionate career for children @immsm via flickr.com

By Nikiya Cooper, aged 9 years

I have always wanted to be a writer. The reason I have called this article future career choices is because this is about dream jobs, the best things.

What I like about being a writer is it is wonderful to free your imagination. The writing is all mine, and it can all come out of me as I am. The only way it can come out of me is if I am free and I can just do it. Thinking too much gets in the way; writing is like second nature.

Now enough about me; what do you want to be and why? What might be your dream job?  Did you choose it because it was easy? Did you choose it because it is what you love doing?

I do this because writing, particularly stories, are my strong point. Motivational speech is also one of strong points as well.  I think there is a job for everyone. Find something that suits you, the thing that stands out in you, because that can help you with a job. That is one of the reasons I do this, it may help me in high school and in job interviews. Writing is fun too, because I love it. So another thing, as I stated, it’s good to start doing what you love now as it might be a big step towards getting a career in that area of work.

Becoming a doctor! Credit@flicker.com

Becoming a doctor! Credit@flicker.com

Now, work is some ways off for me, yet I am only thinking about it because I just want to do what I do best, and if I do get a living out of it, even better. I know you all have something you love and are passionate about. Young and old—now is the time. My mum (apologies in advance for mentioning your age) is in her thirties, even though she looks very young for her age. She wants to be a counselor and is working hard at college after 5 years of university. My dad, ever since he was a little boy wanted to be an engineer, and despite obstacles, now he has a degree in engineering and now has his dream job through all those years he wanted to do it. He did it, and he is my inspiration. He is a real role model and I am proud he is my dad.

Back to the kids. We all have talents and we are all good at something. We all have been told so, and many of us have more than one talent. How we may use them is our choice, and what we do with that choice is so very important, as it is important to be true to you. To you it may be just a job and a responsibility to earn a living that may put food on the table.

Yet in choosing work, we are lucky we have a choice. Again adults, you may think to yourself how you wish for another job, though to some they wish they had one at all, and you still have a choice. Us kids we all want to grow up. Of course I am one of those kids, yet I want to still enjoy childhood. It is a MASSIVE step into adulthood to think about what you want to do. I chose writing because it’s fun, well to me anyway, so choosing is easy. Yet I might back up. I may do something else; it may be up to chance. Still though, look at my dad, he has done it.  Backing up is a good thing cause you may always change your mind and may want to be doing other things.

I hope it made you think about what you want to do as a future career. A job is an important thing so you have shelter and food.

What sort of career do you want to have?


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