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Rugby stars Danny Care, Sean Maitland and Dan Biggar are ambassadors to the Sex of Nations campaign: Sex of Nations

The average male erection lasts for five and a half minutes before climax in sex. One in five men in Britain are affected with premature ejaculation. The average erection length is 5.57 inches. Statistics show the nation may still require education when it comes to erections and erectile challenges.

Results from a recent ‘Sex of the Nations’ online survey of over 6,000 adults, investigating differences in sexual attitudes across Britain, highlight the reduced awareness of how common sexual situations are. Nearly a quarter of respondents thought premature ejaculation only affected one in 10 men – in reality this figure is twice as high (up to one in five).

The survey showed uncertainty as to how long men take to climax during sexual intercourse: 22% of participants thought the average time was over 10 minutes, whereas clinical studies indicate it is approximately five and a half minutes.

Ahead of the Six Nations Championship, international rugby players Danny Care (England), Sean Maitland (Scotland) and Dan Biggar (Wales) have teamed up with international pharmaceutical company Menarini to encourage health and sexual wellbeing amongst men and their partners. Following the ‘Sex of the Nations’ study, UK campaign ‘FTQ’ has been set up to raise awareness of premature ejaculation and its treatment, with the rugby stars at the forefront of cinema advertisements and website support.

The rugby ambassadors commented on the influence of their new role and said: “We’re proud to support the ‘Sex of the Nations’ with the initiative it may encourage people to talk more openly about sex. Men in particular are often embarrassed to talk about their health conditions or visit their doctor. We aim to overcome this and raise awareness of sexual wellbeing.” The ‘FTQ’ campaign aims to offer men and their partners more comfortable with and increase their understanding and expectations of sex. The ‘Sex of Nations’ report promotes the normality of sexually challenges.

There are many natural, everyday effects of life which are likely to help to promote a healthy and prolonged erection, many of which lie within diet, exercise levels and sleep. A key relationship between a successful erection is with the male hormone testosterone. In terms of exercise, when one is more physically active the brain sends out the signal for the need of more testosterone to help build muscle. Anything from weight sessions to brisk walking might help improve testosterone levels and the relationship with erections.

Sleep may also affect testosterone levels. Adapt evening plans to ensure sleep is the main priority. Work around achieving seven to eight hours of sleep far from how many hours of late night TV or socializing need to drop.

Incorporating a lengthy sleep may be essential when it comes to having minimal challenging emotions in life. Find a time or space at home which allows to switch off and relax, two hours a day on an activity such as exercise, playing music or reading is likely to hugely benefit hormones levels.

Many foods may have special powers when it comes to an improved erection and may all be part of a varied, healthy diet. Rich sources of zinc and vitamin B6 may be vital in boosting testosterone levels; oysters are efficient food and nuts and seeds may be a healthy source. The potassium found in bananas may be productive for circulation and the heart, when it comes to an erection the penis works like any other muscle, dependant on a rush of blood in order to grow so healthy blood circulation is vital.

Cherries, berries and brightly-colored fruits are packed full of anthocyanins, a plant chemical which protects artery walls, helping keep a constant blood circulation. Settling down with a glass of red wine might be especially helpful, the source of antioxidants help enhance the production of nitric oxide, which works in a similar way to Viagra, allowing blood vessels to expand. Erectile challenges are common in Britain and around the world, there are many natural remedies which may help aid the challenges and spring it back into action.

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