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With Christmas around the corner many individuals might have a challenging decision to make; land a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox one? Based on what may be known about both consoles the decision might be challenging as factors which strongly distinguish either machine seem to be absent, despite the fact the pair share distinctive power.

Firstly, Sony’s PlayStation 4 contains a GDDDR 5 8gb RAM and either a 500gb or a 1tb hard drive which may be upgraded by the user. With the CPU processing speed of 1.6GHZ being slightly below the Xbox one, the PS4 seems to offer a faster graphics processor (1.84 teraflop PS4, 1.31 teraflops XB1). In comparison the Xbox one includes a DDR3 8gb RAM however, a higher percentage of this may be available for developers to work with (5gb compared to PS4 4.5gb). Microsoft offer 500gb or 1tb hard drive consoles, this may be unreplaceable though external hard drives may be supported. The CPU processing speed clocked at 1.75ghz and the graphics processor speed being slightly marginal than the PS4. The PS4 and Xbox one utilise a Blu-ray optical drive with a much higher read speed than the previous generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PS4 features backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games and it may read DVD discs, the Xbox one is identical although is backward compatible with 7th generation Xbox 360 games.

The PS4 boasts A 1080p resolution at 30 or 60 frames per second which provides a quality detailed picture for gameplay. The system comes with a controller, HDMI lead, USB, power cords, a mono headset and the connections incorporate 2 USB 3.0; an auxiliary port and outputs allow HDMI connection and a digital (optical) port. The networking capabilities include Bluetooth 2.1 and an Ethernet input is also included. With the Xbox one connections include 3 USB 3.0, HDMI input and output with 4k support. This HDMI pass through means this console may have a slight advantage for its media and television connectivity and the majority of games run at 720p or 900p resolution at 30 or 60 frames per second, tests suggest this difference with the PS4 is almost imperceptible. It includes the Kinect camera, useful for voice control, skype, facial recognition and offers many possibilities in the future. The Xbox One also supports MP3 and DLNA playback.

The controllers have both been significantly upgraded since the previous generation, aesthetically and dynamically. The PS4 controller features a clickable touchpad and a light bar to display in game status and works in conjunction with the PS camera for motion control. It sports a more streamlined body and the shoulder and bumper now operate at the top of the controller and buttons are slightly larger than the PS3. The Microsoft controller seems to be slightly updated from the Xbox 360 controller and acquires an additional rumble motor for haptic (touch) feedback, which subtly improves the performance of the controller.

Exclusive games by each manufacturer may be important as certain games may only be available on either console. Microsoft offers the Forza Motorsport series, Gears of War series and the Halo series, amongst others. Sony boasts Uncharted 4, Ultra Street Fighter IV, The Last of Us, the Infamous series, Driveclub, and Final Fantasy. Both may have a long list of games by independent game developers if originality and diversity are important, the Xbox One may have recently caught up in this regard. Both consoles require a membership to Xbox live gold or PS plus to play multiplayer online games a significant difference from 7th generation consoles. PS plus offers free games Including PS3 games to stream, whereas the x-box Live Gold offers fewer games.

Overall the differences may be modest between the consoles although unique qualities and abilities may remain. The games seem to be gaining momentum and seem to be considerably superior to games released on launch. How developers work with the consoles’ individual technology may be the decisive factor in which becomes the most successful console in the future.

What difference does a eighth generation consoles offer from the seventh generation consoles?


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