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When evolving a franchise, the creative team involved may strive to learn from their previous work. They may take any lessons and mechanics which worked the last time and implement them with any new ideas or improvements. This may be something developer Ubisoft aims to implement with their release of Watch Dogs 2. Stemming from the Watch Dogs series, Ubisoft aim to release a sequel which builds upon the fundamental mechanics introduced in its predecessor.

Founded in 1986 in France, Ubisoft was established and the studio stepped into the world of video games. Ubisoft currently have multiple branches around the world and players may be familiar with several of their titles, which may span a wide range of genres. From platforming titles to rhythm based dancing games, Ubisoft have been making games for years and may have found a firm footing in the video game industry.

With their expansive team of creators, Ubisoft may have managed to create some of the most recognisable games in the video game industry. In 2014, the studio released their open world action adventure game Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs offered players the tools to roam the city of Chicago and control various digital aspects of the city. Using the protagonist’s smartphone, players may gain control of traffic lights or tap into CCTV cameras in Ubisoft’s digital playground.



Upon release Watch Dogs became Ubisoft’s fastest selling game, reaching over a million units sold in its first week. To date, Watch Dogs has sold over 10 million copies and the innovative gameplay mechanics introduced in this series may have captured the imagination of players world wide. 

Using the original Watch Dogs as a jumping off point, Ubisoft announced they aim to release a sequel. With Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft aims to feature the trademark gadgetry and technology usage the series is known for. Watch Dogs 2 aims to implement several changes, most notably, Ubisoft aim to introduce players to a new location and protagonist. 

Enter Marcus Holloway, a talented programmer with a penchant for all things technology, as players control him while exploring the setting of the San Francisco Bay Area. As Marcus Holloway, players are introduced to familiar mechanics the Watch Dogs series may be known for, such as securely accessing information from databases to remotely controlling vehicles, cars or anything with a digital component. By offering the players the tools to manipulate aspects of their digital environment Ubisoft aim to grant players a vast level of control over this new setting.



The world may open up as players develop their skills and evolve their play style throughout the course of the game. As Marcus Holloway’s skills expand players gain access to new toys, including RC cars and even drones. With all these options at the player’s disposal, Ubisoft aims to place players at the heart of world filled with possibilities. By offering players the tools to play how they want, Ubisoft aim to produce a compelling world full of opportunity.

Armed with a laptop and a smartphone, players may experiment within this sandbox replica of the San Francisco Bay Area as they play around with the numerous features of Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft aims to present a sequel to their Watch Dogs series and offering players more freedom as they explore this vivid world. Players may take selfies, explore the digital age or enjoy the toolbox of ideas Ubisoft has developed with Watch Dogs 2.

How does Watch Dogs 2 aim to improve upon its predecessor and introduce players to the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area?


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