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Pulling off some complex stunts in Steep. Credit@Ubisoft

The different genres of video games may span a vast range of experiences, from fantasy adventure games to interactive virtual reality; the world of video games may be a diverse place full of creative individuals, which aim to present audiences with new and unique experiences. One area of the video game industry which may have drawn the attention of players, with titles like the Fifa football series and the NBA  basketball, is the sports genre.

Sporting games may hold an important place in the world of interactive entertainment as they aim to draw from their real world counterpart. Emulating sporting fans’ favourite athletes and presenting them with control over each decision may yield an engaging experience. By offering players control over a range of sports, developers may be able to craft authentic simulation games for sporting fans and thrill seekers alike.


Taking a glide in the wingsuit’s of Steep. Credit@Ubisoft

Outside of conventional sports, thrill seekers may seek to relish in more high octane activities, such as base jumping or bungee jumping. These adrenaline-pumping activities may have motivated video games to adapt the extreme sport into it’s own video game genre. With the aim to provide a new experience for players to enjoy, from the safety and comport of their home, sports games may have found a firm footing in the world of video games by simulating this lively pastime.

Over the years there may have been several iterations of extreme sport video games, such as EA Sport’s SSX  series, and this month developer Ubisoft aims to be the latest to explore this genre. Simply titled Steep, Ubisoft aims to publish an extreme sports game which takes players to snowy mountainous terrains; players may traverse these mountain peaks by either skiing, snowboarding, paragliding or be equiped with a wingsuit.

These diverse travel options may allow players to undertake these snow covered regions in style as they explore and discover the peaks of Alaska and the Alps. As players pull off stunts and navigate the environment, they may pull of tricks and set records. Steep aims to implement seamless sharing features, which allow players to explore each other’s games. This allows players to challenge each other as they explore the environments Steep presents, meet new players, play together and compete to see who might pull off the most complex feats.


Paragliding into the sunset over the mountain peaks in Steep. Credit@Ubisoft

Whether striving to surpass a personal record or attempting to reach the top of the community leaderboard, Steep aims to encourage players to test their skills on the mountain. Ubisoft aims to integrate community features, which bring players together in the world of Steep with its social media aspects. Players may also share footage of their runs to social media sites and may create custom routes whenever they please to share with other players. These custom routes may be shared with friends online and allow them to relive each player’s latest extreme sport experience.

As players navigate through the fresh snow of Steep’s mountain peaks, they may conjure their inner daredevil as they pull off daring manoeuvres. Whether expertly flying the wingsuit or landing a complex string of tricks together in the ultimate stunt, Steep aims to present a simulation of this adrenaline filled winter sport. Ubisoft aims to knit these moments of extreme sporting and high speed action together along with innovative sharing features which bring each player’s friends into a shared world. This social aspect may allow Steep to ascend beyond a standard sporting game and to one which sees a diverse range of players meeting on the mountain peaks to pull off the next record breaking stunt.

Ubisoft aims to release Steep on 2nd December 2016.

How might Ubisoft aim to revitalise the extreme sports genre with Steep?


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