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Put down your ipods, mobile phones and game consoles: LK Orangeya

Technology may provide with helpful, time saving, innovative gadgets and devices to assist with the simplicity of boiling an egg to the complexity of printing a kidney in 3D.

The demand to be informed with current technology may be an increasing priority in social, personal and work life and while the world continues to spin on its axis the development of technology is inevitable.

Before cars are able to fly, robots supply every need and Kanye West runs for president remember how relaxing, calming and beneficial it may be to switch off from technology. Sitting in front of a screen for extend periods of time may reduce blink rates from 20 times a minute to once or twice when blinking is essential to clean and protect the eyeball.

It may be a healthy option to take rest periods when using a laptop or computer screen, take a moment to scan eyes away from the screen and away from a digital device.Take a stroll when possible, around the park at lunch or a dash around the office. This may help with posture, allowing the back, spine and shoulders to align straight and comfortably may beneficial to ones health as one grows and may promote a better posture in the long run.

iPods and Mp3s are common tools used to calm and switch off from the outside world, the use of earphones however may increase the bacteria in ear drums by 90%. Turning down the volume may keep ears safe and healthy, light background music is the way forward opposed to attempting to drown out all sounds.

Keep fingers agile and flexible by simply taking a break. Touch screens are technological advancement to help speed up time-consuming processes. Ones hands and feet contain a quarter of all bones in thee body so it may be essential to stretch out fingers and relax the tendons. A simple stretch to relieve finger tension involves pressing fingers and palms together, then the back of hands whilst gently pushing fingers towards shoulders.

Whilst there may be minimal evidence associated with the use of mobile phones, for those concerned about the exposure to radio frequency, hold the phone an extra inch or two away from ears and use hands free devices where possible. Social media tools have helped to increase the success rate of finding a relationship, make friends, increase business reputations and connect individuals to experience a bigger brighter world.

A healthy amount of time to spend on social media per day is between 30 minute and an hour, which may sound like a small period of time however take into account how long it takes in the modern world to send a tweet or Facebook update.

Having a constant access to news may be one of the benefits in mobile phone technology yet the mind and body needs rest periods. The majority of the UK’s population start their day by checking the news or social media sites, finding an hour in the day to switch off from this may put the mind in a more peaceful state.

Often an overload of information is trying to be digested at night, the key to a healthy sleep starts from an hour before. Reading a book, watching easy TV or talking with a partner may be better than thought provoking projects. Switching off from the outside news and technology through scheduled rest periods each day may benefit the health of both mind and body.

How might this advice serve to keep people healthy in the future? 


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