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Revising can be fun! Its all about how you look at it!

By Lousia Falconer, Age 12 years

They are something that you have to get used to having – exams! This guide is to help you through them and to be prepared. Here are some ways to help you!

How about having a book to write all your notes in? That’s what helps me!

Go through your class book from the back to the front (starting with most recent), and write down all topics you think you are going to be tested on. This is a great way of knowing what to write in your revision book.

Also, revision cards that you may flip through are great for writing down notes that you need to remember. My brother is currently studying GCSE and finds this very useful!

Include your parents by asking them to test you. Tell them your topic and then they might make a little test for you. They could give you a set time and then you have to try and answer all the questions correctly!

Having an exam timetable so you know when you are going to revise is seemingly very useful. Try to stick to it, so for example, commit to waking up every Monday morning at 6:30 to revise.

Mind maps or graphs are great for writing down a few notes! You may find examples of these on the net.

Perhaps you could try going on My Maths or BBC Bitesize. These are reportedly very helpful online websites to help you revise. There are games and little tests that really help boost your confidence for the exam.

Or you could have a go at drawing little pictures to go with your revision notes, so you could remember that picture to help you through the test.

For those who consider themselves creative, you could write a song or poem, a particular topic or perhaps something you need to remember. Record yourself singing or reading your little rhyme and then you then may listen to it over and over and over again until it’s planted safely in your mind!

With this little idea you must ask your parents first! I find it helpful to have all my little notes stuck up on my wall so when I wake up in the morning I see all my notes and they go straight into my mind from the moment I open my eyes. Stick them up with blue tack, because if you use sellotape your wallpaper might come off when you take your notes off!

Or maybe a power point presentation might come in handy? Write different slides on different topics and watch your presentation over and over again till you remember it.

A great place to revise is somewhere quiet like the library, I always find a cosy place to sit and do some work. Also it has a lot of books!

Or you could do what’s commonly known as sleep on it! Record some topics then fall asleep listening to it, you might wake up and it may be in your mind! Or you could put your notes under your pillow somehow they always get into my brain!

I really hope these steps help. Just try your best, that’s all you may do.

What other ideas do you have for revising?


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