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Exciting day of singing!

By Yasmin Giannini aged 10 years

Each year, people around the world celebrate World Voice Day, a time when we’re all encouraged to use our voice as a ‘positive’ tool. For some of us, this may mean shouting about something which is important to us, for others it may be we speak up when we’re normally too shy to have a voice; however for me…I became a pop star for the day, and it was awesome!!!

Nina Schofield is a new UK pop singer/songwriter who’s new song, ‘Rewind’ was chosen out of all other songs in the world to be the ‘anthem’ for World Voice Day. It’s a song about ‘rethinking and reprogramming’ your life if you think things may be improved. Her song may have been chosen because of its encouraging message, however I think she was probably chosen because her voice is really incredible and she has the biggest and happiest smile that I’ve ever seen. She’s so pretty.

This year, World Voice Day landed on Saturday 16th April, a weekend (whoohoo!) which meant that us kids were free to join Nina Schofield at her exclusive Pop Shop, which she held in London especially to celebrate the day. So I woke up super early on Saturday morning and travelled with my family to the giant music shop in Soho called Yamaha Music London. It’s a massive shop spreading across 4 floors and we were going to use most of the store as we learnt to become pop stars with Nina.

Firstly, Nina brought all the kids together in the recital room of the music store. She gave us all a special vocal coaching session where we learnt to use the highest and deepest part of our voices. It was quite funny because we ended up making funny noises with our lips – this is what all professional singers do when they’re training or warming up their voices. Then Nina taught us how a song breaks down into different parts and we learnt how to sing the World Voice Day anthem properly. Normally, the only way I’ve ever learnt how to sing a pop song is by listening to the radio and repeating it. However Nina took us through the melody and words bit by bit until we were all pitch perfect – it was so exciting, we were actually her backing singers.

Warming up to sing!

Warming up to sing!

Then the best part came…Firstly, Nina joined us all on SnapChat and she took a video of herself with her newly formed child backing singers, which she splashed out onto social media. We all felt so famous when she did this! Oh my goodness…We actually made a pop video with Nina!

All of us were led down to the ‘performance stage’ in Yamaha Music London and there we met Nina’s video man, Glen Jevon. He explained Nina has to wake up super early in the morning when she’s shooting a video and it often goes on until very late at night. Luckily, we only had one hour to shoot our video, so Glen positioned different cameras all over the room and we kept singing our backing vocals along with Nina over and over again, whilst Glen filmed us. I’m scarce for words as to how brilliant it was to do that. All of us children felt so so special, especially when Nina gave us all personalised signed copies of the ‘Rewind’ CD. I’m delighted I’d celebrated World Voice Day by learning a new way to use my voice and I became a pop star for the day too. It was amazing – thank you Nina Schofield!!

And now you can all check out the video that we made on that day too: https://youtu.be/Rk9Rfisb6AI

Here’s the official music video for the anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-lTX-2OdQo&feature=youtu.be

And you may learn more about Nina at: http://ninaschofield.com

Do you want to become a popstar?


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