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Paddington Bear and his adventures!

Movie review by Luca Giannini aged 7 years old

My mummy has always told me and my sister how brilliant Paddington Bear is. She has a really wonderful book that she read when she was little called, Paddington At Large, and at Christmas she bought us a DVD of the TV episodes that she used to watch. I thought that Paddington was just for babies, however was I in for a surprise!

Then a new film came out at Christmas and it was the Paddington Bear movie. We all went as a family and it was a really good film. Paddington is a really cool bear and he gets up to lots of silly things that make me laugh and laugh. However if you the film escaped you, because this week it’s released on DVD, so you can watch it at home whenever you like.

I want to say to all the children in the world: “Paddington is for all ages! One of the best films that has ever been made.”

Paddington Bear is now on DVD

Paddington Bear is now on DVD

My sister thought that Paddington was very cute, that’s why she liked the film. My mummy loved it because she learnt something that she had the knowledge of before, and that’s how Paddington grew up in the jungle before he came to England. My daddy is yet to watch it. However I LOVED it because Paddington is the funniest creature I have ever seen. He always gets himself into silly situations and you will laugh so loud that your house will fall down. The best bit is when Paddington tries to have a bath and it ends up as a total fumble with water gushing around the house and the bath shooting down the stairs. Playful Paddington!

The film was so good that it’s encouraged me to start reading all of the Paddington books that have been written (and there are lots). When you are 7 years old, teachers always want you to read lots. Paddington books one of the best books to read and are just as funny as the film. Sometimes they have tricky words so you need a dictionary and the author uses the word ‘several’ too many times in each page (he needs a thesaurus), however the stories are just the best thing ever. When it’s your birthday this year, ask for these books as part of your present list.

I think you should watch the new DVD first though, before you read the books because the story in the film is a bit different to the books. Firstly, the film tells you a lot about Aunt Lucy and shows us how Paddington and his family were discovered in the jungle by a British explorer. That’s how they learnt to speak English and found out about marmalade. There are also other parts from the books that are the same, such as Paddington being found at the station and his first bath.

Playful Paddington bear!

Playful Paddington bear!

However there are other bits that are very different. I think that matters little though because Paddington gets up to lots of interesting adventures in the books and the film, so its fun to see the film showing different things.

So all you children out there, please think differently about Paddington, he’s more than just for young children, he’s for mature children like us; and adults too.

What’s the best part about Paddington though? – well, I laugh and laugh every time Mr Curry shouts ‘Bear!’ and also when Paddington gets bun icing all over his fur. However you’ll find lots to laugh about too. I hope you enjoy the new DVD.

Paddington is available on DVD, Blu-ray & Download from 23 March 2015. Cert: PG

What is your all time favorite book to read?


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