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At Anne's studio, she offers fitness programmes.

Born and raised in Belgium, as a child, Anne Iarchy enjoyed most sports and had a healthy diet at home.

After University, Anne started working in the IT industry. Life became hectic. She travelled a lot for work, entertained clients, and worked long hours. Her fridge was mostly empty, as she was unable to stay home enough to make it worthwhile to food shop. Takeaways and/or ready meals become an easy option. As she barely made it home at times, paying for a gym membership passed Anne by and exercise became limited to a few rounds of golf on the weekend (followed by food and drink). The pounds started to add onto Anne and to keep her energy up, she fuelled on pick and mix and neurofen.

On a “fun” day out with work at Thorpe Park, Anne climbed a barrier, someone knocked her foot, and she fell over awkwardly which lead to tearing some ligaments in the knee. This led to rehab for the torn ligaments. While in rehab, she wanted to know more about how her body works, movement, etc. It motivated her to start a personal training course which included a nutrition course as well. After gaining more experience, she realised people which she enjoyed working with were challenged like herself prior, combining a healthy lifestyle with a busy life.

In 2009, another business acquired the company Anne worked for. She felt it was the correct time to head off on her own and embrace the opportunity to do something different.

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In February 2010, Anne started her own business, AI Fitness. She had given her notice at work on New Year’s Eve, and on February 1st, she walked the gym floor for the first time. Initially, Anne offered home visits and worked with her clients both on getting them to exercise regularly and safely, as well as changing their eating habits to fit within their lifestyle and busy lives. She realised there were many clients she was able to help by doing home visits, so in 2013 she opened her own studio in North London. She wanted to help more people and offer a vast influence on the local community. At the studio, she offered many more services and worked with more clients than spending time travelling. In addition, she added small group programmes and later a semi-online programme.

the Jupital had the opportunity to speak with Anne and ask her some questions:

the Jupital: How do you motivate clients and keep them focused to complete the 12-week programme you offer?

“Most people I work with have done many things before. They are keen to see results, as they want to improve the way they look or feel. I help and encourage them to make as many or as little changes as they are capable of making within their lives. I explain the impact those changes have on the results they get. We celebrate small wins together, which, eventually leads to vast results. I educate them to understand everything is unable to have to change immediately and realistically needs to take time. Each and every week, we put another stepping stone in place to meet further results.”

the Jupital: What do you think are the most challenging aspects of meeting clients’ needs, however, end up being the most rewarding?

“The most challenging part is we all want instant results. To be able to have sustainable results for the long-term, it’s all about changing the lifestyle, habits and attitude. And this takes time. When this happens, my clients know they received the results they wanted, and they also know the weight is going to support itself in the long run.”

the Jupital: Please describe a time you went beyond the call of duty for any of your clients.

“Many moments actually come to mind here. From feeding a baby so my client was able to exercise, to buying pens, paper and more for children so their parents are able to attend the session. To cooking some extra food with ingredients my clients tasted for the first time to see if she liked it and then, gifted her with the recipe. Picking up a client when she was unable to make it because of car challenges. My philosophy is life is busy, and barriers come up, so anything I am able to help with is a bonus!”

the Jupital: How have you kept up with the changes in the personal training profession?

“I read a lot, go on courses and speak to colleagues in the industry. With vast amounts of new fancy items coming out, however, the basics do stay the same. Having more variety makes things interesting and this is what keeps it interesting for me as well. Theories about what is good and what is unhealthy for you, keep on swapping and changing anyway. I work based on my experience and adapt to my client’s needs. One size is unable to fit all when it comes to weight reduction.”

Anne likes to challenge herself, and involved her clients.

All of Anne’s programmes consist of at least a 12-week commitment, which includes making clients exercise, eating, thinking right for long-term results. The key differentiators for Anne are: seeing her clients change their habits, lifestyles, and attitudes around leading a healthy lifestyle, weight reduction, gaining confidence, self-esteem, energy, and becoming happier. These changes have had a ripple effect on their work, with their family and friends, and with everything they do. She has clients who gained enough confidence to start their own business and others who started to date. While for some it was more about getting off medication for high blood pressure, reducing their diabetes medication and getting off their antidepressants.

Anne likes to challenge herself and involves her clients to join in for 5k runs, 100k walks, climbing Kilimanjaro in 2018, triathlons, or regular weekend walks. Anne says “Getting out of our comfort zone to feel the change and explore new opportunities is what it is all about.”

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How important is eating healthy and exercising for ones well-being and mindset? 


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