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Mimi shopping in Italy. Credit@Mimi Kirk

Voted sexiest vegetarian over 50 by PETA, Mimi Kirk is the author of Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty, Live Raw Around the World The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing and Raw-Vitalize.

California-born Mimi Kirk is a trained organic, raw vegan plant-based chef. She is an international speaker, coach and consultant, and a lover of life and of all living things. Mother of four and grandmother of seven, at age 78, Mimi splits her time between San Diego, California, and Mallorca, Spain.

The Jupital was offered the opportunity to interview Mimi on the benefits of eating raw food, travelling and her dedication to optimum health and longevity.

the Jupital: How did you start your raw food journey?

Mimi: I have been a vegetarian/vegan for over 40 years. I discovered the raw food lifestyle while looking for natural options to improve my health and this innovative way of living seems to have been working for me.

Fresh juices. Credit@Mimi Kirk

Fresh juices. Credit@Mimi Kirk

the Jupital: What benefits have you noticed since going raw?

Mimi: I’ve noticed increased energy, healthier hair, and, a slower aging process. I feel younger than I did 10 years ago.

the Jupital: What countries have you visited and how does travelling around the world inspire your cooking?

Mimi: So far I have visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Thailand, India, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, China, Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. I love travelling and hope to visit more countries. I have always been inspired by international foods. As a young girl living in California I had access to different flavours of food and people. When I visit farmers markets around the world I love discovering familiar choices, as well as new fruits and vegetables each country has to offer. I am also captivated by the way each country adapts common foods such as a zucchini, also known as courgette. The spices are appealing all over the world and this may render each country’s food unique.

the Jupital: How do you manage to stay raw when travelling?

Mimi: I look for raw restaurants in the countries I travel to. I shop at farmers markets for fresh organic fruits and veggies. I eat plenty of vegan salads when travelling. I also bring snacks with me, however most airports seem to offer a variety of raw options. 

the Jupital: Do you have a recipe suggestion for a novice raw foodist?

Mimi cooking. Credit@Mim Kirk

Mimi cooking. Credit@Mim Kirk

2 Savoy/green cabbage leaves
1 tablespoon vegan mayo
½ avocado
2 thinly sliced pieces of onions
4 thinly sliced pieces of cucumbers
2 thinly sliced pieces of heirloom/regular tomato
Pare down a tough core of cabbage leaves. Slather inside of the curved leaves with mayo. Divide avocado, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes on top of the mayo. Add salt and pepper to taste and voilà! – a raw open-face sandwich!

the Jupital: What’s next for you in terms of writing and travelling?

Mimi: Presently I’m writing a book with my eldest daughter. I plan to continue my trips to Mallorca, which allows me to travel internationally to speaking engagements and workshops. I have a 2-day workshop scheduled in Ibiza, Spain, in a few weeks. I always stay busy which I think is healthy. Being interested in helping others is a blessing and it may be adding to my feeling so young.

the Jupital: What is your advice for those wishing to embrace a raw food lifestyle?

Mimi: Giving up processed foods may be the first productive step towards improved health. One may transition by learning how to make some delicious meals and progressively add more; this may enable craving raw foods and feeling satisfied. I believe what one does most of the time may be of more value than what one does some of the time. 

To learn more about Mimi Kirk you may access:
Facebook: Raw Food Recipe Class Inspired by Mimi Kirk

How may travel inspire innovative culinary choices?


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