Intentions for Iran

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French leader Emmanuel Macron visited Washington last month to meet with Trump, with Iran one of the discussion points. Credit @69mib via Twitter.

Boris Johnson is presently in the process of negotiating with his US counterparts in Washington, in his, and ultimately the UK’s, quest to alter the American decision to leave the international deal surrounding Iran. Whilst both sides may have contrasting ideologies on the pact, these negotiations may solely serve to enhance the relationship between the two nations. Considering Trump seems scheduled to visit the UK in 2018, this may be increasingly important, as he may be striving to be well-received by the British public. As such, he may be aiming to successfully balance adhering to his ideologies with showcasing a willingness to adapt to appease the UK population. With both sides, therefore, seeking for a productive outcome from the event, it seems these negotiations may solely serve to provide all nations with fruitful results.

The deal itself is signed by a multitude of countries: USA, China, Germany, France, the UK, Russia and Iran, with all these nations potentially reaping dividends from said deal. With the latter having increased economic benefits in exchange for alterations surrounding their nuclear capabilities, all seem to profit, as the other nations may be able to adhere to their nuclear ideologies. As such, the deal may be assisting all in their quest to both productively impact their respective populations, along with the joint overarching aim of improving the world. If these leaders may be able to implement this innovation globally, whilst adhering to the manifesto pledges which ultimately contributed to their election success, they may solely serve to cement their position.

Furthermore, with Brexit negotiations ongoing, it may be increasingly important for Britain to continue to possess proficient and amicable working relationships with other countries. Most significantly, this may refer to their neighbours in Europe, as this may both ease the transitional phase in the aftermath of negotiations, and make sure the UK may be held in good stead for trade deals. Therefore, ensuring the US remain in the deal may contribute to this; with France, the UK and Germany have recently met to discuss how to discuss Trump’s decision, it seems all three have similar ideologies surrounding the predicament. Therefore, if Johnson may alter Trump’s stance, he may increase Britain’s global standing.

Intentions for Iran

Boris Johnson (left) with his US counterpart Mike Pompeo, both of whom may play a key role in negotiations. Credit

It may also play a key role in cementing the Conservatives as the power party in Britain. With Labour having made gains in the local elections, and with the recent Home Secretary alteration, the party may be facing challenging circumstances. As such, a proficient performance from Johnson may alleviate this, and also be equally beneficial for him.

The impact on Britain may, therefore, be a key focal point, yet it may also be beneficial to focus on Trump, and his handling of the predicament. He may claim plaudits for his management of the situation, as whilst his stance may contrast his counterparts in other nations, he seems to adhere to his own ideologies. With possessing a strong will perhaps a key trait during his electoral campaign; he may be highlighting his consistency as a leader. Having also potentially played an important role in the Korea, and Syria, debates, he may be currently claiming plaudits for his foreign policies, and thus this decision may have increased credibility.

Whilst Trump seems to have reiterated his decision, there may be ample time for both sides to explain their thought processes, and potentially alter the others’ stance. Whilst both may be aiming to ultimately achieve this goal, and therefore highlight their persuasive capabilities, both seem to be striving to ensure a fair and fruitful resolve. With the negotiations also possessing the potential to address other areas, such as North Korea, some situations may be settled. This may potentially enhance the relationship between the US and UK, with the talks highlighting the benefits of hosting negotiations as opposed to the alternatives.

How might altering Trump’s ideology surrounding the deal consolidate Johnson’s position as Foreign Secretary?


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