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By Nikiyi Cooper, aged 8 years old

A lot of people may get worked up; there are ways of helping managing your emotions.  These are some of the ways you may curb your strong feelings, yet first though I want to talk about the brain’s response to events.

The brain responds with adrenaline when you are confronted with a situation which may disarm you, and you either stand your ground or you dodge and run. I believe ideally all should stand up and confront the situation, yet in a peaceful way.  Communicating voice to voice is the better approach if the situation is to be sorted.

Another thing, other than the way you keep calm, is to ask yourself why do you get worked up?  What causes it? Strong emotions are natural, however what causes them? There are ways of controlling your responses and feelings, yet a bigger level of spirituality is needed. There needs to be mind over matter, and conscience over body.

The ways you might regulate uncontrolled emotions is by counting to ten. This gives you time to think about the situation, what’s going on, and why is it happening. Even, does it even need to happen at all? These are some questions that you should ask when it happens. Another way is to walk away from the situation; leave with your happiness and look out for your welfare is more important. The bigger person is the better person, so stand up, be strong, and speak up.

Strengthen your mentality to a more positive one. It helps you to stay in control of the more testing situations and then you are able to be more reasonable in challenging situations.

Another thing is to look at what is happening and ask why. Why is the first thing you might ask in everything? Then how: how did this happen how? Questions need to be asked to find the answer. There are many things that may be done to help you to remain calm. You could squeeze a squishy ball, as that helps level out emotions. You may also find a relaxing hobby.

We might need to look at ourselves to identify if we are the cause of our own responses and maybe find ways to change them.  There might be times when we act in strange ways, and what is needed is to find a place of peace at those times. The key is to keep what is happening outside of yourself separate from what is happening inside. I think that this is possible when things are done from the heart. I think some of our reactions to things are ways to create security, like if someone says something  feels unpleasant, retaliation might be a response to that type of situation, yet it might be stooping to a level beneath yourself. You might always win because you have done the right thing. It benefits you and helps the other person realise it’s better to be dignified than to take ridicule over someone because they have a different view over the world or are different.

Staying calm may be a test, yet in the end you might notice you are able to deal with situations better and your environment is calm too. Love and be peaceful.

What do you do to stay calm?


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