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By Nikiya Cooper aged 9 years

What might you pick up, a game console or a book? I personally may pick up the book; most of you might probably pick the console, and many the book. Sometimes I may pick the console too; I like having fun and you need a balance.

Okay so in a balance, there is a physical side then there is a mental side. It is good to have physical and mental balance. You see a balance is important for the mind, body and soul. Why do you need a balance? Well look at work and fun: a lot of people need to work, however they also need to have fun as well. The work is to keep you on point and fun is so you stay engaged, and to relax.

A balance is a thing that you need in life. A balance is the thing that keeps you together mentally; it builds you up and evens you out.

Well I for one believe that focusing on health and stability is the way to get to do the things that you need, so you can do the things that you love.  It is also a matter of rights, which is why kids get a break at school and adults get a break at work. Rights and balance are the same, yet different. The similarities are they insure health and safety, and differences are that rights are what you may and might have and what you might have is a balance. It’s what keeps you stable.

How do you know that you have balance in your life? Take a look, if there is anything that you do a lot of, then you should try to find something that counterbalances it. For example I like to watch television, I counterbalance by taking regular breaks and having conversations with members of my family. Both are stimulants to my brain, yet while I am taking things in I am able to let things out, and see a balance. The balance is in everything. Nature is the best example; we have night and day, water and earth, life and passing. In nature everything has its opposite and they work together in balance.

For us children, school is six hours a day we get an hour or more to play, and when we get home we probably play even more. At the end of week we get two days off and then there are half term breaks. We get a lot of free time which we need to be able to concentrate and soak in the information. Yes learning is the best thing ever yet we all need a break; everything in moderation.

How are you able to create balance in your life? A cool way of seeing how is by using the Yin and Yang symbol. You can write down one thing that you do a lot of on one side, and then on the other write the opposite. Color both in to the percentage that you think you do of each, that way you can know if there is balance, or even it might help you to find a way to become more balanced.

What do I think is important? Be healthy (balance the foods), go to school (enjoy work and play).  It may improve the quality of our community. If we keep a balance we might make the future a better place!

What do you think is important in keeping a balance?


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