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Mette Theilmann is an experienced and qualified life coach with a specialism in Parenting Coaching.

Originally from Denmark, Mette Theilmann is an experienced and qualified life coach with a specialism in Parenting Coaching. She started her education in psychology with the study of child psychology. In her second year, she gained a position as an assistant to the Child Psychology of The International School of Brussels and quickly realised it was the parents she was keen to support and educate.

In 2002, she moved to China with her family where she worked for the Internal Clinic of Shanghai supporting parents with different emotional challenges. She also volunteered at Friends of Hope, where she supported a family with ASD to integrate into China.

Mette found ParentingSuccess Coaching in 2009 since she had a deep passion for helping people with their parenting skills. With three children and 10 years’ experience supporting parents, Mette fully understands the challenges faced by parents today and why sometimes parents need a time-out from a busy life to think about what they want for their family, the changes they need to make and more importantly some support on how to get there.

Mette’s Parent Coaching workshops are an opportunity for parents to connect in an interactive, safe, dynamic and fun way. The workshops are free of judgment and take place in a highly confidential environment, which allows the participants to focus on their own personal parenting challenges and develop some practical solutions, which suit themselves and their families. Parents receive opportunities to share successes and learn strategies from other passionate parents who experience the same challenges themselves. Most importantly, parents recognise and gain comfort and confidence from hearing and sharing familiar stories, concerns and emotions, and most importantly let them know they are surrounded by support.


the Jupital had the opportunity to ask Mette some questions: 

If you were able to suggest one parenting book, what would it be and why?

“All You Need I Love – The Art Of Mindful Parenting – by Shelja Sen. As parents, we may have busy days; physically or mentally on the go. This book helps us pause, think and become aware of what is important and connect with it now.”

What are three tips you are able to offer a parent in order to empower their children throughout their lives?

1) “Be a focused parent. As parents, we are on the go and may have an effect on how we parent. Aim to focus 100% on everything (be mindful) you do. Once you start offering your full attention to the moment, you start acting fair, calm and positive!”

2) “The power of listening. Aim to listen to everything you hear. Offer your child the full physically attention; face them, look at them, and stay focused on them completely. Be mentally present. Listen to what you hear right now, in the moment. Repeat what you hear, which shows you are listening to understand ‘so what you are saying is this….”

3) “Benefits of listening. When your child feels valued and important then your child starts listening to you. Listening is the first step towards resolving any challenge! Aim for being in charge of yourself, rather in control of your children. Refrain from controlling other people and focus on controlling only your own feelings, words and behaviour. Aim for being in charge of your family and in-control of yourself!”

If someone was interested to head into the Parent Coaching sector, what  tips might you offer to get him or her started?

“Receive the correct education (aim to find one where you meet the ‘teacher’ and other ‘student’). Receive vast amount of practical experience before supporting ‘real clients’, ask around whom are interested in ‘free or reduced charge’ coaching support. Get a ‘niche’. Focus on finding your inner passion and make this your ‘specialism’ or ‘your area’ i.e. parenting, families, weight reduction, emotional wellbeing, bereavement, business, marketing, goal setting etc.”

Mette’s business provides the time, space and opportunity for parents to explore the reality of what is going on in their own home today. Together, Mette and her clients examine what is important to them and, by doing so seek to understand how they like their family life to develop and evolve for tomorrow. Throughout this process, Mette offers support and empowers parents in finding and utilising the techniques to make the necessary changes. Coaching through ParentingSuccess recognises all individuals are fully capable of resolving situations for themselves; however also understand as parents, there may be limited time, energy or motivation to do so. Mette’s purpose is to help offer parents a ‘time out’ from family life to think, re-evaluate and then to provide them with tools, which helps parents create the family life they desire.

Her two boys have special needs (Aspersers/ADHD and different physical abilities) – so she has a special passion for supporting families going through the same situations. She has also developed and designed Webster Stratton training program to support children with ADD/ADHD/Aspersers, and it has helped her support families to a higher level. Likewise, her experience and training working for Friends of Hope in Shanghai offered her a deeper understanding and knowledge of how to support families with special needs children.    

Presently, she works in partnership with the Sun Flower Trust who supports children with a variety of needs. She loves seeing the benefit’s parents receive from developing their parenting style and the positive influence this has on their families.

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How might gaining more time listening to children benefit an adult’s wellbeing?


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