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“Anyone may be a Rich Hot Mommas!” states Nicole. “It starts with how you think about yourself. The most important thing is learning to love and accept yourself."

Born and raised on the small island of Curacao, a beautiful and sunny island in the southern Caribbean, Nicole Woodriffe dreamt big, yearned to venture out and embarked on making an impact in the world.

In 1997, finishing high school, Nicole left for the Netherlands to study. After living in Europe for 14 years, while successfully climbing the corporate ladder and working at one of the top four accountancy firms in the world, Nicole realised her roots were a strong calling and decided to move back to her place of birth. Her grandpa passed in 2008 and it dawned on Nicole how important it was to spend time with her grandmother while she was still alive. In 2011, Nicole moved back to Curacao with her partner and kids.

After settling back in Curacao, Nicole found her first mindset coach in November 2015 via a Facebook group she came across. Through the coaching, Nicole listened to what she needed rather than what the world may need from her. She started to listen to the wisdom within herself, which knew exactly what she wanted and needed. Nicole immersed herself in literature and coaching courses because she was keen to learn more about how her mind worked. After her life-changing experience working with a mindset coach, she felt strongly other women need to become aware of the power of their mind. Nicole believed they need to know how to create their own path and far from only accept the “life cards” which have been dealt with them. “Happiness and success start with having the correct mindset,” says Nicole.

Nicole is a “multipotentialite” – a mother, a Mindset, Confidence & Clarity Coach, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Business Sister matching specialist, part of the TEDxCuracao team and the creator of the Secret Society of Rich Hot Mommas. A woman with many talents and skills!

In early 2016, Nicole decided to embark on a course of Mindset Laser coaching. After successfully completing this course she found her business, Rich Hot Mommas Mindset Coaching in June 2016.

A woman with many talents and skills!

Rich Hot Mommas Mindset Coaching offers one-on-one sessions for a period of four, six or eight weeks. Nicole takes a deep dive and looks at what her client needs, why she still needs to achieve and what practical steps she needs to take to get results. What her client yearn for; anything from generating ideas to create a profitable business, becoming a successful entrepreneur, leaving their 9-5, getting more clients and income, having happier relationships and an overall feeling of well-being.

“Anyone may be a Rich Hot Mommas!” states Nicole. “It starts with how you think about yourself. The most important thing is learning to love and accept yourself.

the Jupital had the opportunity to ask Nicole some questions:

the Jupital: What is your favourite thing about people in general?

“What I love the most about people is how resilient we are and how we come together when faced with adversity. Recently, quite a few islands in the Caribbean have dealt with the passage of a number of powerful hurricanes. Many people are without electricity and water now. However, I’ve heard many stories about neighbours helping neighbours, offering them food and shelter even when their own resources are limited. These stories fill my heart with hope and love.”

the Jupital: Who is your role model, and why?

“Women who have the courage and determination to leave a far from ideal situation behind to unapologetically go after what they truly want in life are my role models. It takes guts and it is far from a small feat. If it was easy, then everyone would be living their dream life. It took me plenty of years to realise I only have one life to live. I only get one shot at it and it had better be a good one!”

the Jupital: What has motivated you most about working at Rich Hot Mommas?

“I am able to connect with women from all over the world and I’m doing what makes me wake up excited with a smile on my face. Receiving messages of appreciation from the ladies I work with lifts my spirit and reaffirms what I’m doing has a purpose and is changing lives. I speak about impacting the world at all times and I get to influence the world through one fabulous Rich Hot Momma at the time.”

In November 2017 Nicole aims to launch her signature course called “Purpose Discovery Masterclass” which is an online, self-paced course, which offers exercises for her clients to (re) discover their true passion(s). This course is heavily based on the exercises Nicole uses to find out what ignites the fire burning brightly in one’s belly. Her biggest passion is empowering women and helping them get clarity on what they want in life, gain the confidence they need to go after it and keep the correct mindset to carry them through the journey of transformation.

Rich Hot Mommas

For Nicole it has been two years of mentally evolving, developing and expanding which has allowed her to become more confident, strong and powerful. This life transformation has allowed her to love herself more deeply and now is deeply in love with herself. Nicole believes her unique power lies in keeping her sessions fun while at the same time connecting on a deeper level with her clients. The people she is working with, like her, may want to create a better world. Her clients are individuals with vision and they may be learning their grand vision is able to become reality. Nicole assists them in moving from where they are too where they need to be.

Nicole is based in Curacao, however, with today’s technology, her sessions take place on Facebook messenger audio or on ZOOM allowing her to work with clients from all over the world.

To connect with Nicole click here. She is also available on social media links:


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The Secret Society of Rich Hot Mommas:

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