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Its fun to have a pet! Make sure you look after it properly @ source Petco Adoption Reunion

By Louisa Falconer, age 12

A lot of you may have a pet, so I have decided to write a little piece designed to help you look after it so you will know what to do at different times. I have a cat called Jackie and a dog called Woody, myself. I also had a rabbit called Moppit, but she eventually became a mummy and joined a new family.

Looking after dogs

  1. Once your new puppy has arrived at its new home, make sure you show it around your house to help it settle in.
  2. Remember to play with your pup, and maybe teach it tricks. For example, my dog is able to sit, high five, stay and go just as long as we give him a reward or a treat at the end!
  3. When you feed your doggie, give it the correct amount of food. A medium-sized dog’s tummy is about the size of a computer mouse!
  4. Make sure you also give it fresh water every day.
  5. If your fluffy pal is at all ill, do take it to the vet. Also, be sure to take it for regular check ups anyway.
  6. You must make sure you groom your dog, brushing it until its fur is soft and silky. Also, regularly get its hair cut, especially in time for summer when the weather gets hot.
  7. Get a cute collar for your furry friend with your telephone number on so you may be reunited if they get lost!
  8. Make sure your little pup has a soft bed to sleep on or occasionally have a nap!
  9. Take your dog for walks preferably every day. It might be a long or short walk, but we all know how much dogs like walks. It’s just like children and sweets!

Looking after rabbits

  1. Make sure your little bunny has a hutch full of hay and things to chew on that they like eating. Maybe as a treat, throw in a lettuce leaf or a few chunks of carrot?
  2. Maybe your rabbit may want to have a friend? Rabbits do especially when their owners are away.
  3. Groom your rabbit with a little brush, including a tiny brush for the fluffy tail. However, be gentle!
  4. Also, buy a pen enclosure for your rabbit to hop around in outside in the garden.
  5. When you feed your rabbit, fill a small bowl and put it inside the hutch.
  6. Make sure you cuddle your rabbit so it feels loved. Maybe watch TV with it? Alhtough be careful, they do like to chew things!
  7. If you go on holiday, give them to a close friend or professional pet care centre to keep them safe while you are away!

Looking after birds

  1. Your birds ideally needs to be with another bird, so preferably have two or more.
  2. If you want a baby bird, buy two birds of different genders.
  3. Specialised bird feed is good, however also give them fresh fruit and veg, maybe leftovers?
  4. You need to let your birds out for a fly around at least twice a week for exercise. Remember to close all curtains, windows, and doors!
  5. When you want your birds to go to sleep, put them in a dark room and place a thick material over their cage so it is completely black.
  6. Remember, you need to clean the pit of the cage at least once a week. Place newspaper sheets at the bottom.
  7. Finally make sure you give it a lot of love and attention!

Do you have a pet? What sort of pet is it? 


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