Love song to the United Kingdom

Long standing immigrant residents in the UK are keen to offer a motivation to think differently about the current prevailing immigration rhetoric from political parties, as they release a heart-felt love song to express their sentiments about the UK’s current immigration dialogue.

The song is called, ‘WITH Love 2015 UK’, and stands for ‘Why Is This Happening’. It is a spirited declaration of immigrants’ rights from hard-working immigrants who have lived and raised their families in the UK for many years and become part of this country.

The ballad, which the campaigners aim to release during election week on the 4th of May, is at the heart of a campaign that aims to send a clear message out to the UK: please respect immigrants and their right to live in and love the UK. It advises Britain to alter the way it resorts to one narrative (which may be often divisive) about immigrants. It aims to deliver a productive message to others about bringing globally people together.

“All we really want is for the place that we call home to love us as much as we love them,” says Lucie Wenigerova, a Czech filmmaker who’s lived and raised her family in the UK for over 20 years.

Looking back at 12 months ago, there were similar sentiments during the European Elections of last year. Lucie, who is a mum and resident of North London, found herself deeply moved by the immigrant messaging that was being spouted by the political parties. London had always been the place that Lucie called ‘home’ for nearly a quarter of a decade, however it reportedly came as a surprise to her to hear a viewpoint that suggested she should leave her home.

Because of her apparently passionate reaction, she aimed to take action and stimulate a change in opinion. She chose to do this in a productive way, by writing a ‘love song’ to the UK; composing music to bring people together.

So, with the help of a group of friends, the ballad was written in 2014 and was produced and composed by songwriter Alan D. Boyd (BBC Day of The Triffids). Two significant session musicians played on the demo: Ray Russell on guitar (David Bowie, Tina Turner) and Mo Foster on base (Jeff Beck, Phil Collins), with the beautiful Polish singer, Pola, on vocals. Discovered by well-known producer Robin Millar (Everything But The Girl, Sade), Pola is both a great singer and an animal rights campaigner.

“This is our love song to the UK, the place that we’ve called home for the majority of our lives,” said Lucie. “We understand the challenges brought on by an open Europe, however there are thousands of immigrants who have been integrated into UK society for decades. We’ve built homes, lives and families here, we see ourselves as being part of the British society. We hope this song will help you to love us as much as we love you.”

Lucie and the team appear to regard the song as a love anthem to Great Britain and are aiming to push ‘WITH Love 2015 UK’ high into the charts during the run up to the election.

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