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Minecraft is a fun and challenging game! Credit@Youtube

By Emma Mills, aged 10 years old

Minecraft is single or a multi-player game on Xbox and PC; it can teach you many different skills and is played all around the world for everyone to love! The game design is entirely made of cubes even you (the player), animals and items. You can craft and mine as is the name of the game, also you can also contest with mobs and build your dream home on the random generated world that’s just for you. A day in the world of Minecraft only lasts ten minutes of real time.

The game brings out your creative and adventurous side because you explorer and build/create your home and land of wonder. You can have a running farm with animals and growing food, my favourite thing to do is to ride horses that you find in a bio called grass land. Then tame them with apples, then the horses will let you put a saddle on and ride him or her. There are pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, bats, donkeys and as you know horses as well as other animals.

Grab your pickaxe because I’m going to be talking about mining! To mine you need to build a wooden pickaxe. With wooden tools you can mine stone and then build stone tools. Stone tools last longer than wooden ones and luckily there is plenty of stone around! Rarer elements can be mined as the game progresses.

When it gets dark the monsters will come so you need to get a torch, for this you need to mine wood and coal. Torches can melt snow and ice to create safer paths in dynamicweather. A shelter is also needed to keep you safe; torches are used in the shelter to stop monsters entering and allow you to see. You can put chests in your shelter to store valuable items and any items you want to keep safe.

You need to watch your health and food bars. As you explore you can collect fruit and vegetables, meat can be collected from animals, however sheep only drop wool! You can catch fish with a fishing rod. Meat and fish give more points when they are cooked, these can be cooked in the Furness that you have built in your shelter. Having a farm is good as you can grow your own crops and so have a good source of food. You can grow crops such as wheat, melons, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes.

If in your farm you have two of the same animals such as two pigs you can get them together and feed them both carrots, cats is fish, sheep is wheat, cow wheat, chicken is seeds, horses is wheat and dogs is meat. Feeding the animals makes them produce babies as long as they are close enough.  All of the babies’ animals are so smallhoweverthey have a big heads.

Farm animals are a fun part of the game! Credit@creditcommons

Farm animals are a fun part of the game! Credit@creditcommons

Armour protects you and is your personal safety. They can be made from iron, leather, gold and the best thing you can have, diamond. Crafting a bed is very useful as it allows you to sleep through the night safely; this means that you are safe from monsters in the night. When going on a trip it is a useful piece of kit to take with you.

In Minecraft you can create an entire world; the game can be single or multi-player. It teaches many skills such as you have to work for the things you want/need. It also teaches you to look after the animals. There are many books you can buy to help you play Minecraft but the best way to learn the game, is to have a go!

What is your favourite Xbox game?



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