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The Croods - a must see film! 21st Century Fox

By Louisa Falconer, Age 12

With voices from Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and directed by Kirk de Micco and Chris Sanders

The Croods is a story all about a caveman family who live in a cave and are the only humans on Earth, well at least that’s what they think! They hardly ever leave their cave unless they are hunting for food. The heroin of this story is the teenage daughter called Eep, meaning stone. She lives with her crazy grandma, her little baby sister, her younger brother, her Mum and her over protective Dad! Eep gets annoyed with her dad a lot as she wants to do more with her life, but her father wants them… to well stay alive!

One night, Eep sees a bright light coming from outside the cave and, being her usual self, she is keen to follow it. She crawls out the cave, watching out for any predators ready to eat her, she sees more and more little sparks of light and there finds a fire! She meets a new character in her journey to freedom and he leads them to a large mountain to escape the destruction of the earth! Will they make it?  Will her father let them go through those risks? Eep is told to follow the light to not be afraid but will this work with her father telling her “new is bad”?

The Croods has  a great movie with a contrast of excitement, worry, happiness, sadness, and most of all action! Have you ever had to choose between friends and family? Well in this movie poor Eep has no hope. She is stuck with her family for a long time, that is until she finds someone that’s not just a blood relative, but someone her age, someone that looks like her and someone that isn’t just an animal trying to eat her… but he’s a boy!

This boy is the opposite of staying safe. He brings the Croods on an amazing adventure, telling stories, setting traps, finding shelters and becoming very popular with the Croods. Although you could say that the Dad was a little jealous, and at times it kind of gets out of hand!

I found the story is disappointingly vague at times as to why The Croods and this boy keep running, putting it all under the general heading of “going where the sun goes”. However, the colours in the movie, the plants and the animals, were the icing on the cake!

You could say their world changes when this boy ‘Guy’ enters the picture. He is a rank higher in the adventure chain, having travelled far and wide, learnt to make clothes and shoes out of animal skin, and more importantly, learnt how to make fire. There is a magical scene when Eep sees fire for the first time, the sun that she always saw now apparently at her command. Guy is a man of “ideas”, pitted against the father, the man of brute force.

So why don’t you take a visit to the land of cinema and snuggle down with a bucket of popcorn and a can of coke, and there you have it, you are watching one of the best children’s movies around. So go and visit Eep, Guy and the wonderful Croods and watch their amazing adventure to follow the light and save themselves before the world crumbles at their feet. It’s a must see!

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