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Disney has recently released the first glimpse of the upcoming movie, ‘The Jungle Book’. Over 12 million people have watched the trailer and an interest has spawned for the approaching release. The clips show the audience what may be seen as important scenes within the storyline for those whom are familiar with the story, in addition to those, new scenes have been highlighted which may incite interest for the movie’s eventual release.

It is also stated that it may be directed by Jon Favreau, the esteemed director of well recognised movie ‘Iron Man’ which may draw fans on this basis alone. IMDb suggests that the film is set to be released in April 2016 and that many famous voices might be behind the animals within the movie, including Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

‘The Jungle Book’ was originally a collection of short stories set in the Indian jungles, written by Rudyard Kipling and published in a weekly magazine, however in 1894 they were pulled together and published as a novel for readers of all ages to entertain themselves with. In the past many have considered the stories and the characters within them as moralistic torches, to guide the young ‘man-cub’ Mowgli and all the readers that enter the imaginary jungle.

In 1967 Disney offered the first animated adaptation of the world-renowned novel, entertaining the masses with light-hearted humour and songs that may have been passed on through generations. The new trailer clearly displays a live-action style which may give off a more serious tone to the animated adaptation, this may appeal to mature audiences more than the original did and expand the fan base.

Since the trailers release, it has reached multi-millions of viewers all over the world.

Many film magazines and newspapers have become involved with the jungle book offering their own opinion on the new hot topic. This may have likely helped the trailer gain the high volume of coverage that it has had in the small space of time, which might help increase the fan base ready for its release.



This new fan base may draw attention to any of what might be considered as moral insights the story holds. For example, it may be considered that ‘The Jungle Book’ is a campaign to incite the public to save India’s jungles, to end de-forestation and animal hunting. By personifying the animals and allowing them to ‘talk’ about how they feel about humans, displaying their responses to human behaviour, it is a great way of giving the jungles animals a voice to stand up for themselves. Possibly inciting the audiences to feel a sense of kinship with the animals, resulting in more people aiming to change the current situation the jungles are in. However this may be one of the things on the list of topics the narrative raises.

In the past few decades, some may have noted that many Disney movies, although generally known for their light-hearted demeanour, tend to have an underlying message, a kind of moral axis on which their stories revolve. This new Jungle Book adaptation may re-establish this notion in many viewers’ minds, encouraging more fans for the company and their future productions.

It may stimulate new conversation on the topic, allowing more media gains for the already well known enterprise that is Disney pictures. The trailer and the film might inspire new audiences to read the original books which might be thought of as classics in many communities around the world, enhancing Kipling’s value and enriching many more people’s lives.

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How might ‘The Jungle Book’ increase the public’s awareness of environmental change?


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