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Wolves are beautiful and fascinating animals! credit@desktopnexus

By Emma Mills, aged 10 years old

Wolves are one of my favourite animals because of their confidence and pride. In stories like the Jungle Book, wolves are shown as saviours and in Roman mythology it is believed a wolf mother cared for two young boys, who would later become the leaders of Rome.

Wolves are spectacular mammals who have commonly built a mischievous reputation from fairy tales like: Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs; however I still love wolves. Some people think that wolves are dogs in the wild, however they are different!

Have you ever wondered why a horse’s eyes are on the side of their heads and yours are at the front? Well, that’s because you are a predator, you need to focus on what’s in front of you, and the horse is a prey animal and they need to stay on the lookout for predators. Wolves are also predators, so their eyes are on the front of their heads. Wolves are one of the smartest animals I’ve heard of.  For example: the alpha female (the boss girl) can help show the pack how to hunt different animals, she leads the way and helps to look after her pack. Wolves have a fantastic sense of smell, it is five times as good as ours and their sight is three times better than ours, it’s amazing!

Fast Fact: Did you know that wolves hunt in a group of three to six, but their pack normally has seven to twenty wolves! Have you heard of a lone wolf? Well they exist too. 10 out of 100 wolves separate from the pack; so 90% of wolves live in the pack to stay guarded from bigger and stronger animals. An alpha is the boss or the hunter of the pack, omegas are the wolves that stay at the den and help protect their home.  If you want to see wolves in England, you can visit them at a wolf sanctuary, in the USA at Yellow Stone National Park and in the Arctic, however it can be quite chilly there.

There are three different types of wolf; the common grey, the black and the artic wolf. The grey wolf has a dark back and white stomach. The black wolf is all black, and the artic wolf is all white. Artic wolves are the most rare breed, and the furriest kind because they live in such a cold climate. Some people believe that wolf pups have blue eyes and adults have amber eyes,however they can be born with any colour eyes, just like humans.

Wolves tend to howl, bark, growl, whine and yarn when they want to communicate with each other. A howl is to alert the others where they are. A bark can mean two different things; either “hey who are you” or “hi let’s play”.

My favourite film with wolves is ‘Alpha and Omega,’ an animated film. I love the story line, the look of it and how the wolves have different looks and personalities.  The film is about two wolves, an alpha and an omega, who are taken away from their home land and have to work together to get back.  Recently I found out that wolves can be really funny and cool in films. In another film I like, ‘Hoodwinked!’ (2005), the wolf character Wolf. W. Wolf is a witty and cool news reporter, who is also a successful investigator and plays a key role in finding the missing bakery recipes.

Wolves are really cool animals that deserve to be treated with respect, just like all animals.

What’s your favourite animal? 


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