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My painting made in Point Zero Painting Club! Its so much fun to paint! You should try it too!

By Poppy Chesterman, aged 10 years old

I love painting because I can express my feelings and thoughts through my art. I attend a painting club called Point Zero Painting.

Point zero painting is a unique painting style for all ages. I enjoy the club, as it is different from painting at school, where I am asked to draw a certain picture. At Point Zero Painting club I am free to draw or paint whatever I want to. When I am in the club we are asked to think carefully beforecommenting on other pupil’s paintings or even be critical of our own. I am free to allow my ideas to go wild and my paintings are fine however they look. You are encouraged to be positive about your painting and to be pleased with however it turned out.

My art classes are straight after school, lead by Rosina Lyntton, a parent from my school. The classes are set in her home art studio, which is in her garden. It is really light and bright, with lots of windows. We start by choosing the size of paper we want, up to A2, and then we can start painting. For me it is like writing, to enjoy it you have to get into the flow.

One of my paintings!

One of my paintings!

The studio is quite big, with space for ten people. It has ten stools circled around the outside of the room, with your paintings on the wall in front of you. In the middle of the room there is a range of paint and paintbrushes for you to choose. Our teacher is very friendly and is always helpful, without being critical. She can describe things well and when you are unsure of something she is happy to explain it to you. I love the classes and after each class I look forward to the next. I’ve been going to this club for two years now, since year 4, and hope to keep going for a long time.

After each term we make a paper portfolio containing all of our paintings. The other students in the studio are all from my school, so we all know each other quite well. They range from year two to year six in the first class and from year six to year ten in the second class. When you have finished your painting the teacher encourages you do to more to complete your painting. If you feel like drawing instead, you can draw different 3d shapes and names, which the teacher can help you with. She has taught me about perspective, so I can draw a river that looks like it is travelling further away and buildings that look like you are looking up at them.

As well as having classes that are on a Tuesday, they also have them during the holidays to make different things. The last holiday class was for carving wood, making wands and making our own stamps. I really enjoyed making the Harry Potter wands and have treasured mine ever since.

Copying a painting is just using it for inspiration. Each week we learn about a new artist and have their pictures all around the walls of the studio. If we are short of our own ideas, then we can copy a new picture from that artist. I will definitely do the classes next year. I believe that in the future they should make it bigger and fit more seats in to accommodate more students, so that more people can experience it. Apart from that, it is really good and should keep running. I will recommend the class to more of my friends and for other people at my school because I truly believe it is excellent.

What is your favorite item to paint?      


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