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In the past few years, Lady Gaga originally known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, seems to have gone from strength to strength in the music industry.

Often known for her fashion ensembles and topical songs, she has made the headlines time and time again. In 2008 Lady Gaga first rocketed into the public eye with her first album ‘Fame’, since then she has continued to interest the public and her ever growing fan base known as ‘little monsters’. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute she has estimated to have sold over 23 million albums worldwide, is well known for her profitable tours and has won multiple highly esteemed awards. However the music industry may be just one of the many accomplishments the world renowned artist has thrived in. She also has a strong connection to many charitable campaigns and actually created her own charity known as the ‘Born This Way Foundation’ supporting many adolescents from different walks of life aiming to support them to become the best they may be.

In recent news, the media may have been set alight by Gaga’s newest song and music video named aptly ‘Til it happens to you’. The song focuses on the sexual incidents that may occur for both women and men during their college years and aims to highlight the large amount of people that face these situations every day. It may be said that the video seems quite graphic in style however it may likely have been done to truly have an effect on its audience.

By focusing on the truth behind what might be considered as the media’s sugar coated abbreviations, it may be possible that the message she is aiming to share may stick with the audience much longer than something ‘watered down’. This in turn may create an epiphany for the masses, resulting in social action and change. In general the media attention that the new song and video have gained has been productive for Lady Gaga and her aims. The video states multiple statistics on the topic thus aiming to educate the public on the subject. Known critics seemed to have changed their viewpoint on the singer, resulting in welcome publicity for Gaga and the cause.

In the past, Lady Gaga has been known to speak out about different topics within society and has often used her theatrical talents to express her opinions, whether it be through the music itself, her fashion sense or her visual theatrics. She once wore a dress made entirely of raw meats to protest the high consumption of animals, she aimed to inspire the audience to consider vegetarianism, something she made very clear in later interviews. By involving herself in things like this, she may have attracted a high number of new followers that believe in her moral campaigns even if her musical talents were less likely to draw such people in.

Her outgoing, although what some might deem as slightly “unique” behaviour and fashion sense, has gained a very high amount of media coverage in itself. Whether it be magazine based or televised, she seems to have found her way into nearly every outlet for the public to witness. With this high publicity, many fans may have strengthened their adoration for the popstar, giving her the perfect opportunity to speak out and be heard about things that appear to be important to her; by doing so, her fan base seems likely to have grown. This newest venture might re-establish an already likely, strong bond between artist and following.

LadyGaga ARTPOP Ball.Credit@FlickrUser: proacguy1

LadyGaga ARTPOP Ball.Credit@FlickrUser: proacguy1

It may attract new popularity for Gaga and increase her financial value along with spreading the word about an important situation that may need to be tended to within society. Along with the extra success for Lady Gaga herself, the song and its message may help many people from different social backgrounds to come together and support each other. It may well inspire a sense of community and help the people going through a similar situation to what is displayed in her video.

To find out more about Lady Gaga and her newest revolution, please visit:

https://twitter.com/ladygaga  or http://ladygaga.co.uk/#home or https://www.facebook.com/ladygaga

How might Lady GaGa increase her popularity with her new pursuit and might it bring social revolution?


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