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As an art form, the world of cinema may have invited an array of creative ideas, ideas which may have come from a variety of sources. Cinema may have gained its shape through the multitude of talented individuals which come together in an effort to define and explore the potential of the medium. These visionaries of cinema may each have their own distinct style and flavour as they bring life and diversity to moving images. One such collective of talented individuals goes by the name of Laika Entertainment.

Since their creation, Laika Entertainment has aimed to achieve a cohesion of artistry in their projects. The studio’s eye for crafting compelling stories and intriguing characters may be seen as their signature, saturating their previous works. Each release from Laika Entertainment bears the mark of a meticulous animation style. An animation style which brings characters to life through careful frame by frame shots which, when played in sequence, give the appearance of movement.

This distinct animation style may be seen in all the works of Laika Entertainment, including their quirky feature film The Boxtrolls. Using this animation technique, The Boxtrolls told the story of a human boy raised by a community of trolls. The Boxtrolls was released in 2014 and was Laika Entertainment’s 3rd feature release and it may have been a visual treat for all cinemagoers. Through their trademark fusion of animation and story, Laika Entertainment may continue to innovate with each sequential release.



This year, however, Laika Entertainment’s latest, and fourth, release is titled Kubo and the Two Strings. Once again the studio aims to implement the distinct art style they are known for and bring a brand new adventure for audience’s entertainment. Kubo and the Two Strings may see Laika Entertainment increasing the scale of the project. By utilising bigger sets and a story larger in scope, the studio aims to grow in both size and ambition.

With Kubo and the Two Strings, Laika Entertainment aims to learn from the previous projects and incorporate past innovations in order to create a greater spectacle. The story of Kubo and the Two Strings aims to centre on the titular character Kubo, a young boy. Set in Japan, Kubo soon finds himself embroiled in a wild adventure which features fantasy elements and a colourful cast of characters. Throughout Kubo’s adventure, he may find himself encountering a talking monkey and a samurai beetle, just some of the unique characters from this magical adventure.

Breathing like into the characters of Kubo and the Two Strings are a talented cast of actors and actresses which lend their vocal chords. Filling in the role of Kubo is actor Art Parkinson, previously known for his work on Game of Thrones, who finds himself supported by two other recognisable voices. Providing companionship for Kubo as he undertakes this adventure is Charlize Theron as the talking monkey and Matthew MaConaughey as the armoured samurai beetle. Through this contribution, combined with the talent at Laika Entertainment, Kubo’s grand adventure is set to be one filled with heart and personality.



Laika Entertainment may have had many projects in the past; Coraline and ParaNorman are a few more which make up the animation studio’s resume. In the 10 years in which the studio may have existed, they have aimed to produce animation features of a high standard, incorporating their unmistakable visual style in each. The talent behind each project allows simple on-screen figures to come alive, enamouring audiences and taking them on an adventure. It may be through this ability to harness multiple artistic forms and bring them together in a cohesive project which may allow films such as Kubo and the Two Strings to find success with audiences.

Kubo and the Two Strings releases 09th September 2016

How may Kubo and the Two Strings use animation to convey a tale of fantasy and adventure?


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