Recognising a revolutionist

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Sir Alex Ferguson celebrating winning his thirteenth Premier League title with his side. Credit

With the situation surrounding Sir Alex Ferguson ongoing, it seems this period may signal a poignant opportunity for the footballing world to unite under a common cause. They seem to have adhered to this ideology, bypassing geographical and domestic affiliations in the overarching quest to showcase support for the Scot. Social media seems to have been an important tool in achieving this, with high-ranking influencers able to publicly vocalise this unity; considering their vast reputations, they may also impact a wide array of people.

Whilst the most prominent priority may be ensuring Ferguson makes a full recovery, it may also signal an opportunity to focus on his achievements across the sport. Most notably, he may have earned plaudits through his revolutionisation of the game, contributing to his attainment of several trophies and individual accolades. His thirteen Premier League triumphs exceed any of his rivals, with Mourinho and Wenger closest on three, and this may be a worthy contributor to his plaudits. Yet, his crowning glory may be his ability to transform teams, and lead them to victory, with his 2013 side a prime example. With his successors facing challenges in their quest to replicate his feats, Ferguson’s abilities may be cemented, with this ability to signal proficient careers for his players key.

A number of clubs and influencers have seemingly, therefore, offered their assistance to Ferguson, and attempted to provide support in their quest to resolve the predicament. The crowning glory though may be the actions of Manchester City, as considering their position in comparison to United, they may have opted for a different pathway to other clubs. They seemed to offer their full assistance, utilising their social media, which itself possesses a wide reach, to vocalise this opinion. Having also recently won the Premier League title, this may hold increased relevance, as achieving this accolade may have impacted their relationship further. Showcasing their support may therefore play a key role in inspiring others to act similarly.

Recognising a revolutionist

Both Ferguson and Wenger seemed to play key roles in advancing the sport. Credit @ThrowbackAFC via Twitter.

Whilst these influencers seem to therefore be playing a key role in assisting Ferguson, it may also be important to focus on the achievements of the NHS in the predicament. Their rapid response, coupled with their vast knowledge of the situation, seemed to lead to efficient actions, which ultimately played a pivotal role in Ferguson’s recovery. With their actions throughout the challenging circumstances across Britain having already highlighted their credentials, this may solely serve to elevate their quest for increased funding.

With Arsene Wenger’s retirement also imminent, there may be an opportunity for him to be similarly impacted like Ferguson. Whilst the Scotsman’s situation may be worthier of present focus, perhaps due to the larger impact it may be having on a broader scale, as opposed to within the sport, focus on Wenger may also be justified. Similarly to Ferguson he seems to be credited with innovating the sport, implementing key ideologies upon his arrival which remain important in the current climate. Considering football seems to now be entering a period of transition due to the conclusion of the season, it may be increasingly important for the club to replicate his previous actions. This may be challenging, and while it may be a challenge Arsenal relish as they seek to improve upon their league standings, it may also elevate Wenger’s credentials further.

Ultimately, the most important goal now may be ensuring Ferguson makes a full recovery. Whilst his achievements throughout his footballing career may be the most notable contributor to his status, the impact he seems to have had on his family may be a more worthy achievement. Thus, ensuring his health seems increasingly important. Yet, the solidarity showcased throughout the footballing world may be increasingly important in achieving this goal, potentially highlighting to Ferguson the high regard in which he may be held. If he may do so, the fans may, therefore, be creating an increasingly viable pathway back into the sport for him, where he may be able to exert further influence.

How might bypassing club affiliations to support Ferguson potentially aid in his ultimate recovery?


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