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Trump visiting a student affected in his quest to productively impact them. Credit @ceonigeria via Twitter.

With the aftermath of the situation in Florida now ongoing, it seems this period, whilst naturally utilised to reflect on the event, and evaluate the maximum impact, may more poignantly be used to unite the nation, and create a wide array of solidarity. Considering the US seems in the midst of political change, with the election naturally a prime contributor to this, the nation might be divided due to political affiliations. As such, Florida may be a key contributor in bypassing these political boundaries and reuniting the public under a common cause. Yet, it may be important to remember those affected, and make sure their legacies may be cemented, alongside striving to implement these changes. If campaigners may be able to successfully balance both overarching goals, it may result in the event perhaps having productive outcomes.

The most notable unity showcased seems to have occurred among students, who may have been the demographic most impacted by the predicament. They seem to have prioritised utilising tactics which may enable their cause to attain the widest available reach, as this may elevate the chances of their campaign being received, and ultimately supported by, the masses. In signalling the groundwork for this via their use of social media, beginning a hashtag with the sole aim of uniting under a common motto, this suggestion seems reiterated. This may, in turn, motivate them to seek a career in the political world in order for them to possess elevated gravitas, and increase their opportunities to implement change. With the speech by Emma Gonzalez at a rally perhaps claiming plaudits, the necessity for this influx of fresh ideas may be intensifying.

Campaigners showcasing unity in their remembrance of those affected by the event. Credit

The crowning glory of this unification may be the response of the rest of the world, who seem to have sided with those affected to increase the credibility of their movement. The most notable nation involved in this seems to be Britain who, having received a similarly large influx of support after Grenfell, may be aiming to replicate this, and similarly contribute to a resolution in the US. Furthermore, with the general public from various countries perhaps having been impacted by complex situations throughout their history, they may resonate with the situation in Florida, and therefore be more willing to offer help. Since a wide array of nations seem to understand the gravity of the situation, the event may have bypassed both political and geographical boundaries, creating cohesion across the globe as the necessity intensifies.

The unity of all areas of the globe may also impact Trump who, as President, may be the best equipped to impact the situation, and ultimately signal the resolve which campaigners seem to be striving for. Whilst he might have attained plaudits for his original stance during his election campaign, with his strong values and adamancy perhaps leading to productive results in situations such as Korea, flexibility may be required in response to this current circumstance. This seemed a similar debate faced by Theresa May, who adapted her Brexit stance, and if Trump acts similarly, he may both appease those who might be campaigning, thus benefiting their standard of living, and consolidating his position in the process.

Campaigners protesting for reform surrounding gun laws in their quest to influence the Government. Credit

Whilst a multitude of influencers have vocalised their condolences, and suggested those affected remain in their thoughts, campaigners seem to be suggesting further improvements may be required. As such, whilst this may be a start, innovation may ultimately be needed in order for those affected to be remembered adequately. Considering the debate surrounding this area seems to have occurred for decades, with the events at Columbine in 1997 perhaps the original catalyst, it may, therefore, be increasingly important for the situation to be resolved. With a wide array of reform recently occurring across the world, from votes for women to the public being provided with an increasingly influential voice, achieving innovation in this area may be a further step towards a coherent globe. Thus, the event in Florida may be important in ultimately signalling a fresh start for the US, ensuring these events stay in the memory than replicated.

How might balancing both remembrance and campaigning ensure innovation may be achieved?


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