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Time for a change!

The New Year’s Resolution seems to have become one of the Western world’s most famous traditions; an act of promise, self-improvement and devotion which stems back to the ancient Romans who set yearly promises to their God Janus, for whom the month of January is named.

Although only a minor 8% of Americans were successful in maintaining their resolutions in 2020, The Journal of Clinical Psychology states half of the nation have once again made a New Year’s Resolution to kick start 2021.

The key to making a lasting change in the New Year lies within ones mentality and psychological approach. Choose a New Year’s Life Plan over the traditional New Year’s Resolution. It might takes more than the notion of a resolution to make a real change in ones life. It takes self-understanding, skills, strategies, support, determination and a drive to succeed. People aspire to make life changing New Year’s Resolutions year after year yet many end up making the same promises when January 1st rolls back around. Instead of aiming for 365 days of complete change, where by only 46% of resolution followers manage to last six months, make 2021 the time to change ones life, day by day, week by week and on an eventual long term basis.

The typical trends in society seem to follow an astute order of importance with changing weight at the top of the hierarchy. The top 10 resolutions are as follows: Weight elimination, organisation, saving money, enjoying life to the fullest, staying fit and healthy, learning something exciting, to quit smoking, to help others with their dreams, to fall in love and to spend more time with family.

Each point may be valid and beneficial for self-improvement. Narrow down each individual part of the life plan with a positive, ambitious, forward thinking approach until one is aware exactly what to enjoy in the daily lifestyle in order to succeed.

Here is the philosophy of The Positives ‘New Year’s Life Plan’:

Estimate abilities and potential to the correct standard. Rise above the pressures of peers exclaiming how they might shed away the pounds in a new fad diet which might only take six weeks, make yourself a routine that you can stick to. If one is enjoy training and diet one may more likely to keep up the challenging work and strive past the notion of a New Year’s Resolution, changing the lifestyle forever.

Make small adaptations each day. It may be easier to think ahead into the future and the changes may make, even if it is only in the following week. Make the small changes every day.

Create a plan. Whilst making small changes each day may help to build up on a long term goal, have a dream at first. Write a list of goals, achievements and changes wished to make, most importantly with a time frame to note progress. This means at the end of each week, the last day of the month, every three month period and continuing. Remain optimistic.

Share, share, share. Post achievements on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and gain the added applause deserved. The feeling of appreciation, approval and applause at certain times may be needed, feel proud of the progress and think, this may be inspiring others at the same time.

Stay open minded. As the great Homer Simpson said: “You want me to spend more time with Dad? What about my New Year’s resolution?”. With a New Year’s Life Plan put everything into perspective, whilst concentrating on a single specific aim is the most effective method to make changes, stay open minded about the roller coaster life is and make changes when corners come around.

Reform health and wellness ideas into a manageable, enjoyable and stimulating experience which might be attained and tweaked at all times. Make 2021 the year a New Year Life Plan started and feel positive when the year finishes knowing what has been have done more than make a change for the year, have made a change for life!

How might reforming oneself be a catalyst to changing ones whole life?


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