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The Batband.Credit@studiobananathings

A new technology aims to revolutionise the way individuals listen to sound and music. This technology is headphone free and uses bone conduction to transmit sound waves to the inner ear.

An advancement in the safety of listening to music and taking phone calls may soon be available with the Batband produced by Studio Banana Things. The Batband achieves this by using technology that transmits sound signals to the inner ear and because the device is headphone free. The Batband adopts transducers which emit sound to the inner ear an experience some individuals may find unique and revolutionary at first and some users say this is an experience in itself. Users remark how sound appears within their consciousness and may be a unique event. The sound waves are conducted through the temporal and occipital bone of an individual’s skull to the inner ear although the outer ear may be still able to receive outside sound waves. The technology was invented with an understanding of dolphins and bats, these animals use sonar and this inspired the team to create the Batband. The use of the Batband as a result may be inaudible to others and is suitable for use in workplace settings where noise is kept to a minimum.

New updates mean sound leakage into the device has been reduced, this means signals are transmitted into the inner ear more efficiently. This has been achieved by isolating the transducer by using foam padding around the transducer the part of the device responsible for converting signals into sound waves. This device may be used by those with hearing aids as it uses similar technology. The device allows phone calls to be received and answered as it may connect to an individuals’ phone through Bluetooth. This may mean the Batband may be safer for users of transport as many potential mishaps occur when individuals answer calls whilst in the car or using other transport this may be because the device is hands free and prevents anything impeding sound perception. The device incorporates smart sensors a user may control using the fingertips to change the volume level, also to change track number and take a phone call. Phone calls are possible because the device has an inbuilt microphone.

The Batband. Credit@studiobananathings

The Batband. Credit@studiobananathings

The Batband has been made possible by the crowdfunding organisation Kickstarter. Crowdfunding is the funding of a project through the donations of many individuals usually via the internet. It may have emerged as an alternative to the traditional banking avenues and provides further options for business entrepreneurs. Kickstarter is an organisation that pulls together the project creator, the donating supporters and launches the product. The generosity of donators has resulted in $821,000 pledged to date.

Overall the product in conjunction with the medium in which it is marketed may be innovative, creative and demonstrate an ability for anyone with an idea, to fund it and then sell it. All an individual requires is a great conceivable idea, an efficient team and an supportive producer. The Batband itself appears to be a revolutionary idea which may lead to individuals going about modern daily life in a safer way. Many possibilities may be imaginable, the device might be used in many different ways including playing games and in the future maybe other uses are possible. The Batband may even change how people think about and perceive sound and music. The Batband aims to be available from April 2016 individuals may pre-order one now at

What revolutionary changes in how individuals use technology are forthcoming?


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