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The announcement may lead to an influx of new officers. Credit @WokingBeat via Twitter.

With the multitude of protests surrounding Conservative legislations which have recently occurred, it seems the necessity for the Government to consolidate its position may be increasingly important. As such, they seem to have responded, recently vocalising their aim to increase funding for prison officers. Considering the police, and more specifically security, was amongst the most important debates in this year’s election, it may be an intelligent decision from the Tories, with the adaptability from their manifesto perhaps also advancing their own cause.

Yet, Labour may be able to utilise this announcement to their advantage, with their consistent advocation of police funding perhaps a prime contributor in their rivals’ political alteration, and thus they may be motivated by their ability to influence. Whilst both sides may be able to utilise this for political gain, it seems more poignant to focus on the announcement itself, and the repercussions which may occur, as with all parties uniting in their overarching aim to showcase solidarity with police, uniting in the face of adversity may pay dividends for the nation.

The plans themselves outline a £3 million investment in prisons, contributing in the predominant quest to improve the system. With a large percentage of the outlay providing increased security features, such as cameras, for officers, it seems this may be a priority, yet it may be more poignant to focus on how implementing this may affect the underlying aim of the system: to reform.

With this rehabilitation ideology an integral part of this system, ensuring it may be utilised to a high standard may be increasingly important. The most viable way to achieve this goal may be to provide an influx of funding. Therefore, this proclamation, whilst focusing on prisons, may have a snowball effect on the rest of society, and on a broader scale the globe, laying the foundations for the rest of Europe to replicate.

Conservative Party members, including leader of the Ministry for Justice David Lidington, seemed to be instrumental in the announcement. Credit @RH_MoJ via Twitter.

This may be reasonable after the efficiency consistently showcased by the police throughout this year’s challenging predicaments. During, and in the aftermath of, the events at Westminster and Manchester, the response of the emergency services seemed to be noted by the plaudits, as they seemed to play a pivotal role in reducing the overall impact on those affected. As such, the funding may be warranted, further ensuring the services may continue to function at a high standard. With a vast amount of high ranking influencers all vocalising their support for the actions, it seems resonating with the public may be the main factor in ensuring the innovation may be implemented.

With the main contributor behind Boris Johnson’s Russian visit surrounding the safety of the British population, the announcement may underpin this goal domestically. If balanced correctly with achieving this internationally, Britain may elevate their standing to amongst the most powerful global influencers. With Brexit negotiations continuing and Trump creating debate with his recent comments about Britain, this may be increasingly important, and with the US currently possessing the largest percentage of incarcerated members, Britain may play a key role in reforming the system worldwide.

Whilst opposing sides of the political spectrum may be able to utilise this announcement to their advantage, it may be more important to focus on the repercussions increasing funding in prisons may provide. In ensuring both the safety of officers and creating a more viable route for younger officers to enter the trade, it may certify the success of the system.

Yet, whilst this announcement may lay the foundations for the advancement of the system, there may still be improvements required to make sure this transitional phase may be completed. Whilst naturally providing opportunities for the Government to adhere to the needs of the people, it may more significantly be pivotal in ensuring the safety of all of those inside the system. If successful, this may be replicated in other areas, resulting in a complete overhaul of Britain, and thus reemphasising the consistent innovation showcased by the nation throughout the decades.

Why might this announcement attain further support for the police and other emergency services?


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