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Jakub Gojda is a self-taught photographer who gained photography knowledge via internet, books and workshops.

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Jakub Gojda is a self-taught photographer who gained photography knowledge via internet, books and workshops. When he was 6 years old, his grandmother bought his first compact film camera, which motivated and inspired Jakub into the photography field.

His first professional experience with a digital camera was 9 years back when he started to have interest in the microstock photos. He learned about microstock photography in a professional magazine specializing in computer graphics. In 2008, he officially learned to take pictures as a photographer. He borrowed digital DSLR from his father and took photographs of everything he found at home — food, drinks, tools etc. on white background. He also needed some lights for scene enhancement where he improvised and bought two high impact bulb lights. By this time, the microstock industry had developed and it was relatively easy to sell almost anything on white background.

This was the key point in Jakub’s professional career, which completely changed his life.

He lived with his parents in a small house with limited space for a photographic studio. He had to improvise which led to convert the living room into a small photographic studio, where he took photos of friends. Instead of studio lights, he used few powerful bulbs and for background, he used sheets. After a year and a half, his brother and he decided to rent space for a real photographic atelier. They invested all the finances they had and bought professional studio flashlights with all necessary equipment such as photographic background, tripods, diffusers and more.

Jakub Gojda's photography.

Jakub Gojda’s photography.

He had opened doors for a real photographic studio realization, which allowed him to achieve bigger projects. He started to focus and develop a “Flying food and drinks” collection. This is his main subject for studio photography now. It requires certain post-production skills and plenty of time for foodstuffs preparation. He is keen on learning new things and aiming to improve his photographic and post-production skills. One may be able to see diversity in his portfolio. His “heartbeat” topic is freeze motion and action photography. For example, water and coloured splashes, explosions of coloured powder and abstract coloured inks spreading in water. This is also a specific kind of studio photography because it requires specializing fast studio flash lightning able to freeze motion sharply.

the Jupital had the opportunity to ask Jakub some questions about his photography passion:

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

“It is the creativity and freedom, when I am allow to decide what kind of pictures I able to take freely. This is the main advantage, however, on the other hand, I am the responsible person ensuring I deliver. Travel photography brings me the new worldview, meeting with new people and self-knowledge. My work is also connected with learning new things (in photography and also in post-production) and the passion comes first, then money secondly.”

What do you ask yourself or think before you push the button?

“There are many thoughts I think about before pushing the button and it also depends on situation. For example, when taking photos in studio, preparing all the staff precisely before releasing the shutter is key. Here the idea and preparation is the key point. Another situation is when I am taking photos underwater. One is unsure what may appear before where this leads to more a spontaneous method where everything is about chance. This is why being ready to release the button and capture the best shot is important for me.”

What might be some tips you would be able to offer to a beginning photographer?

“Take photos during “golden hour” (during sunrise and sunset). Wake up early and be ready before the sunrise, the light is the most beautiful and shadows are nicely soft. Aim to find some new perspective and composition during travel photography (drones offer new vision possibilities). Check all your technical staff before your photo expedition (especially spare cards and batteries) and make backups. Be inspired by the work of the best photographers; however, find your own manuscript, which make you different from the others. “

Some photographers say they see the world differently and have a different perspective on life. What is your perspective on the world and on life?

“Whatever I photograph, I aim to find some new way of seeing. My greatest passion is certainly for freeze motion photography (flying food and drinks, water splashes and colored powder explosions), where I see the reality through the viewfinder differently than my eyes.”

Panoramic view of Iceland in Winter

Panoramic view of Iceland in Winter

Jakub is the Managing Director of Gojda Photo S.R.O. The company sells licences for photos on microstock agencies such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, Istockphoto and more. Gojda Photo S.R.O has sold more than 1.4 millions of royalty-free licences around the world and hundreds of sold licences each day.

“There was a sense of motivation when I saw success in form of first downloads of my uploaded photos to Shutterstock (top microstock agency, where Gojda Photo S.R.O sell images now). I knew about top contributors in this industry, about their success and some of them inspired me with their portfolio. I had “powerful engine” inside me, which told me to make this job seriously and I wanted to go this way.” smiles Jakub.

Beautiful Seychelles beach at La Digue

Beautiful Seychelles tropical beach Anse Source D Argent at La Digue island

His passion continues with work in this studio work and in the past few years Jakub has fallen in love with travel and sports photography. In winter, what he likes the most is free riding and snowshoeing. In summer, he takes pictures of motorcycles and mountain bikers. Three years ago, he completed an open water diver certificate, bought an underwater case for DSLR, strobes and powerful LED lights and started underwater photography. This opened his eyes for more opportunities to explore fauna and flora in the oceans. Last year, he also completed a drone licence. Seeing the world from bird eye view is incredible and drone business starting to develop quickly. This is how he connects the passion for sport and hobbies, which he loves, and photography.

“Photography offers me great opportunities and I’m lucky I am able to do my passion” mentions Jakub.

To get in touch with Jakub for any photography requirements, please connect him via the following social media links: 

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