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Each year, gamers are treated to a basketball experience based on the professional NBA League. Gamers throughout the world are offered the chance to practice their hoop shots, compete with players and prove their superiority on the court. This annual offering is courtesy of developer 2K Games and their NBA series which aims to simulate with an authentic basketball experience. With each sequential release, 2K Games aim to provide new content and continually innovative the series in order to keep each iteration at the top of its game.

Gamers may recognise developer and publisher 2K Games as they are known for their work on numerous other franchises. Their most notable works include titles which range from their dystopian first person series Bioshock all the way to 2K Game’s professional wrestling experience WWE 2K. With only a few degrees of separation from the aforementioned titles, 2K Games aims to score from the free throw line with their latest sports offering. 2k Game’s basketball series aims to provide a successor to last year’s NBA 2K16 and the developer shows little sign of slowing with the release of NBA 2K17 marking the latest release in this long running franchise.

With NBA 2K17, 2K Games aims to simulate content from the National Basketball Association (NBA) , a professional basketball league in North America, and implement a host of features. The NBA League hosts a diverse array of teams, from the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks. As with many Professional Leagues, teams compete in a series of matches in order to decide a victor and it’s this competition which helps NBA 2K17 to find its niche. Showcasing a variety of modes gamers may be offered an authentic basketball experience through the way NBA 2K17 handles this.



When approaching NBA2K17, gamers may notice the level of detail and control in each mode; from the fluid control and ebb and flow of players on the court to detailed control of specific managerial tasks. Among the modes offered is MyCareer mode, MyCareer provides gamers with the opportunity to create their own basketball player. Once customised, gamers are offered a dynamic path in which their newly created avatar may develop their skills and begin their career in basketball. From qualifying for tournaments to managing player evolution, MyCareer mode gives gamers control and places an emphasis on the journey to become a basketball legend.

Although on the road to become a basketball legend, players may encounter a number of recognisable faces; gamers may find themselves sharing a court and rubbing shoulders with basketball legends like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Stephen Curry. However, the celebrities featured extend beyond basketball players as Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan also makes an appearance. Lending his likeness to NBA 2K17, Michael B Jordan fills the role of new character Justice Young; a hard working athlete players may find themselves in the presence of as the compelling story of MyCareer mode provides a dynamic basketball game, on and off the court.

In the downtime between earning endorsements, or taking a break from the personalised basketball narrative, NBA 2K17 features numerous modes to perfect each pass and shoot hoops whenever the feeling arises. With the additional MyLeague and MyTeam modes, 2K Games aims to offer gamers advance control, leaping beyond basic ball control. As opposed to controlling a player and tailoring their success story, NBA 2K17 provides players with the tools to expand the NBA League, create new teams and even build their own custom arenas.

With so many options available, 2K Games aims to raise the bar with another NBA 2K release. Innovation may be seen throughout this latest iteration as compelling gameplay, realistic content and a diverse array of options aim to capture the enthusiasm of the NBA League. Exemplary realism coupled with intense competition and constant strategic impact, NBA 2K17 looks to be ideal offering for any basketball fan. From practicing precision ball control to contemplating match strategies, 2K Games aims to make NBA 2K17 their next slam dunk.

How does NBA 2K 17 aim to create a captivating basketball sim?


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